[Career Development Center] Guidelines regarding the newly established 1:1 Mentoring Website

2022.09.05 Views 556 국제실

The KUBS Career Development Center has established a 1:1 mentoring website for constant matching and continuous mentoring between industry experts and graduate mentors and enrolled student mentees.
We would like to provide you with an opportunity to get a lot of help through various mentors such as 1:1 personal career/employment/other concerns.


1. Application Method
-Website Address:

-Go to 1:1 Mentoring
1) Apply as Mentee
2) Log in with Portal ID & Password
3) Write detailed and accurate information (especially frequently checked mail address)

*Free to select text/mail/face-to-face/non-face-to-face (multiple choices allowed) 
*Write the contents (concerns) in detail and accurately (e.g.) Brief self-introduction, questions regarding capabilities and experiences you need for Planning Task, please tell me your tips on interview, etc.
4) Mail automatically sent after Mentee Application is written
5) 1:1 Mentoring by the method determined with the mentor
6) Change status after mentoring (Consulting Completed) and write brief feedback


2. Good points of 1:1 Mentoring!

- You can get various job information.
- You can get mentoring from seniors who have entered companies you are interested in.
- You can hear the lively hands-on experience of the incumbent.
- With one-on-one mentoring, you can always ask questions right away.
- You can choose a mentoring approach based on your personal preferences. (text/mail/face-to-face/non-face-to-face)
- We recommend it to students who are anxious because they cannot decide their career path.
- After participating, you can set the direction of the company/job you are interested in by writing comments.
- Increase your understanding of the industries and jobs you want to apply for.
- Anyone from Korea University's Business School (including double major)/General Graduate School/MBA can participate. 



Friday Career Chat

1:1 Mentoring

Number of Participants

One-to-many group mentoring

Mentor/Mentee 1:1 Mentoring

Preliminary Questions

Written in advance

Individual Mentoring with Mentor



Determined with the mentor





3. Contact: