Application for exemption from the foreign language examination/Information on alternative language

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In accordance with Article 38 of Chapter 4 of the General Regulations of the Graduate School, we are currently accepting applications for exemption from the foreign language examination for thesis submission. Please review the following information and submit your exemption application within the specified period.

* You can check whether you qualify for exemption from the foreign language examination on the portal (KUPID): Portal (KUPID) -> Academic/Graduation -> Dissertation Qualification Requirements page.

Please note that proficiency in Korean is required for foreigners.

* Starting in 2024, the graduate school-organized foreign language test will be held only in the second semester, so the application period for exemption from the foreign language test will be extended. Please be aware of all the contents.


[Application for Exemption from Foreign Language Test]

 ** Kindly be aware that there is no separate relief procedure for missing the deadline. Therefore, please make sure to observe the deadline **

(1) Applicants: This exemption is open to Master's, doctoral, and combined master's and doctoral students in general graduate schools.

(2)Application Period (including both portal and direct submissions).

 - 1st round: March 13, 2024 (Wednesday) ~ March 27 (Wednesday) 17:00 ※ All types of foreign languages on the exemption criteria table are available (including Korean)

 - 2nd round: April 15, 2024 (Mon) to April 16 (Tue) 17:00 ※ Only Korean (TOPIK) is available for additional application during the 2nd round (other types are not allowed)

(3) How to Apply:

A. Certified Foreign Language Transcripts: Access KUPID -> Academic Records/Graduation -> Various Test Applications/Confirmation -> Foreign Language Test Exemption Application -> Upload a scan of the valid certified foreign language transcript on the application screen.

B. Overseas University Diploma Submission: If you submitted your overseas university diploma during admission, there's no need to submit the original diploma separately. Refer to the attachment for guidance on exemption application related to overseas university degrees. If you didn't submit your overseas university diploma during admission, you must provide the original diploma for verification. The original verification should be completed within the exemption application period.

C. Language Course and English Test: Students who have earned a grade of B or higher in an alternative language course or have passed the on-campus graduation qualification English test are not required to apply for a separate exemption. Check your passing status on the portal: KUPID -> Academic Records/Graduation -> Apply/Check Various Exams -> Check Passing History.

D. Regular Korean Language Course: Those who have obtained a grade of B or higher in a regular Korean language course (level 2 or higher) offered by the International Language Center or Sejong International Education Center should scan and upload their transcripts.

(4) Confirmation Date for Exemption Application for fall semester of 2023: Oct.13th (Fri).

  * You can check the results on KUPID -> Academic Records/Graduation -> Application/Confirmation of Various Exams -> Examination Results.

(5) Others

A. Starting from the fall semester of the 2023, the validity period of official language proficiency test scores has been adjusted according to the respective institutions. Please check the exemption criteria table(Attachment 1)

B. Validity periods of score reports can be found in the attached chart.(Attachment 1)

C. If a score is set to expire during the application period, it must be uploaded before the expiration and the foreign language test administrator must be notified by phone.

D. If you did not submit an overseas degree certificate at the time of admission, you must bring the original to the Graduate School Administration Office for verification against the original.

E. Graduates of the Korean regular course should scan their score reports for application.

F. The on-campus English proficiency test for graduation eligibility will include tests up to the TOEIC test on Oct.7th, 2023.


[Alternative Language Classes]

A. If you achieve a grade of B or higher (according to the general graduate school standards) after completing an alternative language course, you will be considered to have passed the foreign language test.

B. How to Apply: Visit the University Portal System and navigate to "Information Life" -> "International Language Institute Courses" -> "Language Courses." For additional details, please reach out to the Foreign Language Center using the contact information provided below.

* Alternative Language Course Officer Location: International Center, Room 208A

* Contact: ☎ 3290-1457, 1453 Foreign Language Center Website: