Final Allocation for the 2024-2 Exchange program & OT Guidance

2024.01.29 Views 475 국제팀

Announcement of the Final Allocation for the 2024-2 and OT guidance


The allocation for the 2024-2 outbound exchange program has been finalized.

Since the second round of allocation has been done manually, there could be an error in the first round of allocation as well. 

Therefore, please make sure to check the attached file and let us know if the final result is different from the first round of results.


Also, as announced earlier, the Orientation session for the 2024-2 outbound exchange program is scheduled to take place at 2pm on February 2nd (Friday).

The Orientation will be held online and attendance is mandatory for all undergraduate students.

The session will be conducted in Korean and attendance for MBA students is not mandatory. (We will send out related files later)

If you are unable to participate due to an unavoidable circumstance, please let us know in advance.


문의사항 / 02-3290-5362