Notice on Application for Research/Teaching Assistant for 2024-1

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※ The following is the schedule for the selection of RA/TA for the Spring 2024 semester. Please review all the information carefully before applying.  

※ All documents can be submitted directly to the administration office (Room #304, KUBS Main Building) or via email to  



1. Application form: Submit it with the signature and seal of the mentor professor. 

* If your mentor professor is the department chair (Professor Jaiho Chung) or area chair professor, you can simply write their name on the form and submit without a separate signature, as the seal will be processed collectively by the administration office.  

* Freshmen: If your mentor professor has not been determined at the time of your admission, please write the name of the area chair professor.  

* The area chair professors can be found at the KUBS website (

* If a mentor professor other than the department chair and area chair professors has been appointed, you must submit the form with the signature.  

* The professor’s signature can be replaced by email approval or an electronic signature. In case of email approval, please submit a screenshot of the email along with the application form.) 


2. Pledge form: Please check if you meet the employment conditions, then sign.  


3. Security pledge form 


4. Academic transcript  

* Freshmen: Submit your transcript from the latest school attended.  

* Enrolled students: Print the official transcript that can be printed from the KUPID or the One-stop Service Center.  


5. Confirmation form of Four Major Social Insurance enrollment  

(1) Submit it at the beginning of the spring semester in March: March 4th (Mon) ~ March 8th (Fri)

(2) obtain the document from the website of Four Major Social Insurance Information Integration Center(  


6. Duty Agreement Form 

※ Article 4, Section 1 (Amount of Scholarship)  

(1) Enrolled students: KRW 5,237,000 per semester (100% of the graduate school tuition for each major)  

(2) Research students with completed coursework (PhD program): KRW 7,800,00 per semester (KRW 1,300,000 will be given each month).  


*For other inquiries, please contact us by email (  



1. Application period: January 15th (Mon) ~ January 19th (Fri) 16:00

* Applications submitted outside this period will be automatically cancelled. *  


2. Eligibility:  

a. A full time student enrolled in the KUBS PhD/Integrated master’s and PhD/MS program(not eligible for students on leave).  

※ Full-Time: Must be unemployed or on unpaid leave (the employment insurance section on the proof of insurance should be left blank, and if on unpaid leave, supporting documents must be submitted.)  

b. Previous semester GPA of 3.5 or higher or a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (including F grade) 

c. Earned a minimum of 8 credits (equivalent to 3 courses) in the previous semester and the semester of application.  

※ Exceptions to the credit requirement will be accepted in cases where credits have not been earned due to the last semester or taking master’s courses. 

※ For freshmen, GPA is not considered; only the academic transcript from the previous school is required. 


3. Application method (applicable for both freshmen and enrolled students): Fill out the online application form, print it, and submit with required documents. 

(1)  Online application: KUBS Website -> MS/PhD -> Research/Teaching Assistant Application(연구/교육조교 신청) (  

    ※The online application system on the website is active from January 15th (Mon) to January 19th (Fri) 16:00

    ※Application submitted outside this period will be considered invalid, so please make sure to apply within the designated period.  

(2) After completing the online application, submit (the printed online application form + required documents) to the administration office for MS/PhD Programs (Room #304, KUBS Main Building) or send them by email (  

         ※ When submitting via email, please ensure that the attachments are in the provided format (Word file of PDF). (Screenshots taken using mobile devices are not allowed.) 

         ※ Failure to submit the application in the given formats will result in invalidation of the application.  


4. Scholarship amount (based on a full-time employment)  

(1) Enrolled students: KRW 4,964,000 per semester, 100% of tuition fee 

(2) Research students with completed coursework (PhD program): KRW 7,800,00 per semester (KRW 1,300,000 of living expenses will be given for 6 months).  

    ※ Please ensure to make the full tuition payment during the enrollment period since scholarships are paid afterward.  

    ※ Please note that the selection and assignment process may be subject to change as per the Graduate School’s guidelines.  

    ※ For detailed information on RA/TA, please refer to the file ‘경영학과,_국제경영학과_조교장학금_및_생활비_지급_지침(2022.09.01일자_개정)’. 


5. Responsibilities  

 (1) Research Assistant: Assisting professors with their classes and research.   

 (2) Teaching Assistant: Assisting with classes and other related tasks.  


6. Working period: March 4th (Mon) ~ August 30th (Fri)

   ※ The working period may vary depending on the schedule and the location assignment.  

   ※ Applications are open only to students who are committed to working diligently throughout the entire period.  


7. Notes 

- Both the online application form and the required documents must the submitted during the designated period for the application to be completed. (Failure to submit required documents will result in the cancellation of the application.)  

- Full-time: Unemployed or on unpaid leave (submit supporting documents).  

- The scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships. For tuition support scholarships, double benefits are only allowed up to 100% tuition support. 

  (However, for scholarships from external scholarship organizations, the Graduate School Department Management Committee will review and decide on the full or partial provision based on the criteria specified in the scholarship regulations.)