2024 Spring Semester Combined Bachelor`s/Master`s Degree Program application guidelines (Admission F

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2024 Spring Semester Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program Application Guidelines



[Graduate School of Business Administration, Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program Admission Fair]

1. Date and Time: November 22 (Wed), 2023 13:00~13:30

2. Format: Online (Zoom), Zoom link will be shared via email to applicants who submitted the Google survey below.

3. Application for attendance: Google survey response (Response deadline: ~11:20, (Mon) until 10:00 am)

4. Contact: KUBS Administration Office for Graduate School Programs 02-3290-1363,



Ⅰ. Selection Plan

1. Applicable majors and Application requirements by major 

- Enrolled Korea University Undergraduate students 

- No restriction on the major of undergraduate that can be applied 

(Duplicate applications are not possible) 


※ Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs applicants should have at least one remaining semester after being accepted to apply. 

※ Students other than those receiving GKS (Korean Government invited) scholarship or those in military commission may apply to “outside the quota” 


Affiliated College


Application Requirements

Other Requirements and

Department Support Matters



Enrolled Semesters

KUBS (1)


3.50 and above

45 credits and above

At least 4 semesters

BA major is not recruited.


2. Bachelor's/Master's Program Benefits

  A. Reduction of terms of student

    - Graduate school 1 semester (Only applicable when Master’s Degree GPA is 4.0 or above) 

  ※ If you graduate early, you can shorten one more semester of your undergraduate studies 


  B. Scholarship benefits for admission to Master's degree


Undergraduate Early Graduation

Undergraduate General Graduation

Scholarship Support Standards

4.0 and above GPA of Academic grades (Undergraduate)  

Support Amount

First Semester

2~3 Semester

1~3 Semester

Admission fee and the full tuition

50% of the tuition fee

50% of the tuition fee

(Admission is not supported)

Supported Term

Support for up to 3 semesters


1) Scholarship payment: Payment to your account registered on the portal after the opening of the semester 

(1st semester: around May, 2nd semester: around November) 

2) A graduate school grade of 4.0 or higher should be maintained for each semester 

3) Early graduation follows the conditions of undergraduate graduation

C. Priority recommendation for admission to the Master’s/Doctor's Integration Course (Entrance) 

    : In the case of College of Engineering, it is recommended first when applying for the master's/doctorate integration courses (entry) after entering the graduate school.


3. Required Documents

   1 copy of Application form, Transcript, Research Proposal 


4. Screening Process

    Document screening and oral test (conducted according to major)


5. Application 

A. Application date: 2023.11.27 (Mon) ~ 2023.11.29 (Wed) 09:00 ~ 17:00

B. Where to apply: Administration Office of Affiliated College

C. Application fee: KRW 80,000

D. Account: KEB Hana Bank 391-910010-71604 Korea University [고려대학교]

    (Example of depositor name: 학석사홍길동국문 - “학석사”+”Name”+”Major”)

E. Attach receipt when submitting application


6. Application Screening Date and Announcement of Successful Applicants 

    A. Screening date: 2023.12.07 (Thu) ~ 2023.12.08 (Fri)

    B. Announcement of successful applicants: 2024.01.26 (Fri) <*Expected>

   ※ Announced by administrative office and Graduate School website


7. Graduate School Course and Entrance Terms 

A. Taking Graduate school courses

   1) Successful Applicants must take 6 credits in their first semester after being accepted to before graduate. However, graduate school courses are only recognized as Master’s degree credits. 

      ※ Students themselves have to register the graduate school courses by using “Search Courses” on Course Registration System website after consulting the academic advisor.

    2) Students of College of Engineering must take a total of 6 graduate course credits in their 7th semester (9th semester for Department of Architecture).


B. Entrance Terms

   1) Students eligible for graduating and qualifying for extra entrance terms required by each (GPA of 3.5 or above) major can enter the Master’s degree program.

     2) When a student intends to enter the master’s program, the student must submit the ‘letter of recommendation for entering the master’s program’ to their respective administrative office within 20 days after the start of the semester prior to entering the master’s program (the last semester as an undergraduate). 

        ※ Entering the master’s course without receiving a letter of recommendation from the academic advisor(master’s program) is not possible, and students who applied for early graduation must submit the application from of early graduation to their respective administrative office at the beginning of their 7th semester.