Notice of Degree Dissertation Examination Application for Fall Semester 2023

2023.10.16 Views 368 국제실

This is to inform you of the degree dissertation examination application for the fall semester of 2023. 

Please refer to the attached file “Examination of Degree Dissertation (English).” 


1. Please confirm if you meet the requirements for the degree dissertation examination. 

  - KUPID > Register/Graduation > Academic Records & Graduation > Evaluation for Thesis > Dissertation Submission Requirements 


2. Documents to submit 

 * Online Application Period (KUPID): October 16 (Mon) ~ October 20 (Fri), 16:00  

 * Hard Copy Submission Period: October 16 (Mon) ~ October 20 (Fri), 17:00   

 * Submission Location: Administration Office for MS/PhD Programs (Room #304, KUBS Main Building) 

 * The application form must be signed by your academic advisor. 

 * If you require a signature from the head of the department (학과주임), you may submit the form without a signature as the Administration Office will provide it for you. 



(1) Dissertation for examination (temporary binding) 

(2) Degree dissertation examination application form 

(3) Research Ethics Compliance Declaration for Dissertation 

(4) [Only for relevant individuals] Confirmation of degree dissertation submission 

   - If you cannot submit the dissertation within the designated period, you must complete this form and submit it. Afterward, you should directly submit the dissertation to the Committee. 

(5) [Only for Integrated for MS/PhD or PhD students] Confirmation of dissertation proposal  

(6) [Only for Master in LSOM students] Proof of presentation at a conference 

   - For offline conferences, submit an application document/brochure (showing your name, date, time, and dissertation title) 

   - For online conferences, submit an application document/brochure (showing your name, date, time, and dissertation title), along with a screen capture during the presentation 

* If a conference is scheduled after the application period, you can submit proof of registration and other documents later. 

(7) [For Integrated for MS/PhD and PhD students] 

   * Please ensure you review the regulations of your specific area. 

   - A certificate of publication (or an acceptance letter) from a journal listed in SCIE or in publications of the National Research Foundation of Korea, as well as expanded publications (applicable to students admitted from the fall of 2009). 

- Confirmation of dissertation proposal 

- Proof of research achievement designated by each area for dissertation submission eligibility, along with a screenshot of the proof in the Research Management System (RMS) 

   * Please submit the first page of the dissertation showing the title and author. 

   * Input all dissertations into the Research Management System (RMS) and provide a screenshot with all relevant content. 

   * RMS access: KUPID > RMS > Research Achievements > Academic Papers or Academic Conferences > Press ‘New’ button on the right > Input the required information (*) and click ‘Save (Author Confirmation)’ 

   * RMS Inquiries: 02.3290.1133 


For inquiries about degree dissertations, please contact 02.3290.1365 or .