Regulations on Research Grant for graduate students (SK/IBRE Research Grant, International Conferenc

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Regulations on Research Grant for graduate students (SK/IBRE Research Grant, International Conference) Revised: 2021.03.01


Below is the amended regulations on research grant for graduate business and international business major students (revision date: 2021.03.01).


1.  Amendment

    International conference research presentation grant (times limit (once per year) deleted)



2. SK/IBRE Journal List (new, eliminated)

    [International Conference Research Presentation Grant Application Guidelines for Graduates]

1.  Requirements

- enrolled student and enrolled PhD candidate for research

- must be marked as a presenter on the conference program

- limited to the top international conferences of each sectors (refer to the attached file)


2. Amount to be supported

- Actual expense within the range of 2 million won

- limited to airfares, lodging expenses, and registration fees

- Airfares and lodging expenses cannot exceed the amount specified for employees under deputy heads stated in the Korea University travel expenses regulations

- The applicant must submit related documents to business school administration office and receive confirmation (Business School Main Hall 304)

- The applicant must submit receipts after his/her return to Korea.



- airfare: same in-out location / only one day before and after seminar is approved

- lodging expense: reimbursed according to overseas travel expenses regulation (check maximum one day expense for different countries and cities)

                  only one day before and after seminar is approved



3. Required documents

[documents required in advance]

- international conference research presentation grant application form (attached file)

  (enter the international conference information to the research portal and write research achievement number on the application form)

- a documentary evidence for the entry of research achievements on research portal

- a copy of the cover and the abstract of the presentation paper

- a copy of invitation from the international conference or registration certificate for international conference (an evidence to prove oneself as a presenter)

- a capture screen of international conference registration fee receipt mail

※ Students participating in BK: a participation certificate for international conference (attached file)

                       (Academic supervisor·advisor’s signature is compulsory. The signature of the BK project’s head will be processed by the administrative office.)


[documents required afterwards]

- a copy of seminar brochure

- a documentary evidence to prove one has presented (brochure with one’s presentation contents, photos, certificate of presentation, etc.)

- airfare: an original copy of the boarding pass, a copy of e-ticket, a copy of sales check/documentary evidence of expenditure

           ※ If there is no boarding pass, certificate of the facts concerning the entry and exit can be replaced it. (can be issued from Minwon24).

- registration fee: a copy of receipt which indicates registration information (name, name of the conference), a copy of sales check/documentary evidence of expenditure



4. Payment method guideline

 [BK project participants]

- Airfares and registration fee should be paid only by BK credit card. (BK is funded by the government so personal credit card payment is not allowed.)

- BK governmental funds can be supportedonly through BK credit card. Therefore, contact and consult manager of graduate school scholarship and BK manager before paying for airfares and lodging expenses. (Staff Kwon, Seugik: 02-3290-5361 / )


[Non BK project participants]

- All payments must be made by cash in principle and the receipt should be for the official documentary evidence of expenditure (business registration number: 209-82-00433) and not for income reduction.

- If payment was made by personal card due to inevitable circumstances, one must submit the sales check and a statement of reasons for using personal card (attached file).