[General]Guidance on reservation of business school facility

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Please refer to the application form (refer to the attachment) to apply for the usage of the business school facility(the academy).

- Below -

1. Application for reservation of study rooms and seminar rooms (online application)
- Application Method: Portal-Info Depot-Facility Reservations- Facility Management & Reservation

You can make a reservation after checking the reservation status by manually or automatically searching for the facility and checking for the approval email in response.

2. Application for lecture room reservation (e-mail application)
- Application method: Apply by e-mail to, stating the applicant's information, date, purpose, number of attendees, etc.
When applying for an e-mail, it shall be sent by referring to the instructor of the club (society), and can be used after checking for the approval e-mail

3. Precautions
- Reservation or cancellation of reservation within the day is not possible.
- Applications for usage of study rooms and seminar rooms can be made from two weeks before the date of usage to the day before the desired date of rental.
- Applications for reservation of lecture room must be made at least one week before the date of rental.
- We would like to inform you that rental is not possible from Saturday to the exam period before the start of the undergraduate midterm and final exam period.

Inquiries: Reservation Manager of Administration Office of Business School (3290-1385/1629)

Attachment: Business school reservation application form.