Global MIM 학사일정

Term 1/Fall

(August - February)

  • KUBS Core Classes
  • CEMS Core Classes
  • Electives
  • * Note: Module 3 (January to February) would not be offered for the incoming students.
Term 2/Spring

(March - August)

At CEMS Partner School
  • CEMS Core Classes
  • Electives
  • Global MIM graduation (Mid of August)
8 weeks of International Internship


  • International Internship
  • CEMS MIM graduation(End of November)

    Internship can be done during or after CEMS year

Year Month Global MIM Program
Term 1
*Note: 8 weeks for each module except for Module 0
July Registration
August Block Seminar; Orientation
August – December Module 0-2 at KUBS
Term 2
*Note: 8 weeks for each module
March – August Module 4~6 at CEMS Partner School
8 Weeks International Internship

* 위 학위취득 요건은 본교 및 협정교의 규정에 따라 변경될 수 있음.