Global MBA 커리큘럼


Global MBA 교육과정
Year Month Global MBA Track (1 year)
2024 August Welcoming Ceremony, Orientation Session
Sep - Dec Module 1-2 (8 weeks per module)
Core & Elective courses
2025 Jan - Feb Module 3 (8 weeks)
Core & Elective courses
Mar - Aug Module 4-6 (8 weeks per module)
Elective courses, Business Practicum I & II
September -
  • The Global MBA consists of a total of 6 modules.
  • The graduation requirements are 45 credits with GPA of at least 3.0
  • Concentration: Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Digital Transportation, ESG

Student Exchange Program

고려대학교 경영전문대학원은 MBA과정에 대해 전세계 100여개 경영대학과 학생 교환 협정을 맺고 있다. 이에 따라 국내에서 Global MBA 1년 과정을 수료한 학생은 학생 교환 협정을 맺은 해외 대학에서 한 학기 동안 추가로 수학할 수 있다. 각 희망자의 필요와 선호에 따라 지역과 학교를 탄력적으로 선택할 수 있다.

Dual Degree Program

MBA 프로그램의 Dual Degree Track에 등록된 학생은 Global MBA 1년 과정을 수료한 후, 프랑스 파리에 소재한 ESCP Europe 또는 독일에 소재한 EBS Business School에서 1년을 추가로 수학할 수 있다. 이 경우 고려대학교 Global MBA 학위와 함께 해당 해외 대학의 경영학 석사학위가 추가로 수여된다.

Business Practicum

The Global MBA not only offers business academic courses but also an opportunity to utilize theories and practical skills acquired from the program in the real-world work environments. Under the basic principle that there is a difference between knowing and doing, KUBS first introduced a specialized business education methodology to focus more on the utilization of knowledge rather than merely acquisition. Small groups cooperate with employees of the companies and non-profit groups participating in the business academic network, examine actual issues facing those organizations, and subsequently propose possible solutions. As such, students can cultivate the skills and knowledge that are essential for future business leaders by developing practical solutions based on recent business theory.

Core and Elective courses to be offered

Core and Elective courses to be offered
Classification Course Title Credit
Core Courses Financial Accounting 2
Uncertainty, Data & Decisions 2
Managerial Economics 2
Organizational Behavior 2
Financial Management 2
Marketing 2
Operations Management 2
Strategic Management 2
Managerial Accounting & Control 2
Business Practicum I & II 6
Core and Elective courses to be offered
Classification Course Title Credit
Elective Courses FN Investment 2
Mergers and acquisitions 1
Private Equity 1
Strategic Cost Management 2
Entrepreneurial Finance 1
FN/ST Entrepreneurship & Venturing 1
ST Corporate Strategy: Media Industry and Content 1
Corporate Strategy: Doosan B2B transformation 1
International Business 2
Strategic Management of Human Assets 2
Technological Innovation Management 2
Leadership 2
Entrepreneurship in Korea from Chaebols to Start-ups 2
MK/ST Corporate Strategy: Entertainment 1.5
ST/ENT Leadership 2
Corporate Strategy: Game Industry 1
FN/ST Entrepreneurship & Venturing 1
MK Digital Marketing 2
Marketing Research 2
New Product Development 2
ESG&ENT Entrepreneurial Solutions to the World’s Problems 2
General Career Acceleration Program I & II (CAP) 2
International Business 2

*Curriculum for 2023-2024 Academic Year. The above Curriculum is subject to change.
DT=Digital Transformation