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Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja (Commercial Science, 51st) , generously donated 2 hundred million … the endless

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Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja (Commercial Science, 51st), generously donates 2 hundred million … the endless elder’s love of KUBS ‘Big Sis’


(Photo credit = KU Communication Team)


The first female student of KUBS, alumna Jeon Yoon-ja (Commercial Science, 51st) donated a scholarship of 2 hundred million won for the development of KUBS (Dean = Kim Jaewook) in August 2019. This donation is the ‘KUBS Jeon Yoon-ja Scholarship’ and will be used to help the academic pursuit of KUBS students.


Korea University held the donation ceremony on the 8th, 10 a.m. at the main building. This ceremony was also held together with the donation ceremony of alumna Jeong Shinsoon (Medical Science, 53rd)’s donation of one hundred million won as the ‘Medical Development Fund’. President Chung Jin Taek, Lee Kihyung (Associate Dean of College of Medicine), Kim Jaewook (Dean of KUBS), Song Hyuk-ki (Head of Development & External Affairs Office), Kim Joong Hyuk (Associate Dean of KUBS), Han Changsoo (Head of Medical Center Fund Business Headquarters), etc. also participated in the ceremony and expressed their gratitude for the warm heart of the two alumni.

This is not the first time of her special support for the juniors. Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja has been donating more than 1.2 billion won to KUBS as ‘Construction Fund for the New Business Hall’, KUBS ‘Jeon Yoon-ja Scholarship’, and etc. for dozens of years. Watching such donations, alumna Jeong Shinsoon also started to participate in the small fixed-term donation ‘KU PRIDE CLUB’ for juniors and ultimately was able to participate in such a big donation of development funds by retracing her senior alumni.

Alumna Jeon Yoon-ja feels extremely grateful about numerous female juniors who study business administration and perform actively in many parts of society as a female leader, unlike in the past. She said “I feel very proud to see my school develop where it has helped me achieve a lot of things.”, and spoke “I hope our fellow KUBS juniors love the school even more and become talents who can brighten both Korea University and the society by learning as much as possible and growing into themselves”.

(Photo credit = KU Communication Team)


President Chung Jin Taek said “The great heart of seniors who love the school as ever and support juniors’ dreams has been a great example to a lot of juniors”, and added his appreciation “We sincerely appreciate your precious mind and will make sure to deliver your devotion to the juniors”.

Meanwhile, alumni Jeon Yoon-ja became the first female student of KUBS by entering the Commercial Science Department (51st) when it was unfamiliar for female students to enter college during the 1950s. She has been working in the financial industry over 50years, by starting off her career at the Bank of Korea after graduating in 1955. She also took role as the chief director of (former) Female Credit Association and adviser of KU Busan Alumni Association, together with alumna Jeong Shinsoon. The two alumni is giving full material and emotional support for juniors so that they can demonstrate their capabilities without constraints, since they have overcome so many difficulties as a female member of society earlier on.