Notice on Dissertation Submission Schedule for 2023-2

2023.12.21 Views 446 일반대학원

1. Uploading the final dissertation statement(KU Library website): January 8th(Mon) ~ January 17th(Wed) before 23:59.

* Starting from the fall semester of 2022, students are no longer required to submit a printed hard copy of their dissertation to the library. Instead, students are only allowed to upload the final version of file on the library website.

1) Access to the KU Library website(http:/ -> My Space -> My Information -> Dissertation Submission(Please refer to the ’Online submission Manual'.)
2) Please include a signature page in the original file of your thesis, which should not contain the stamp or signature of the examining committee members.

3) Upload scanned signature page that includes signatures from all committee members.
4) The copyright agreement should be consented to on the submission screen when uploading the dissertation. Please check the agreement box on the consent screen(No separate submission required).


2. Needed to submit the relevant documents to administrative offic(Business Main Building 3rd floor, room 304): January 8th(Mon) ~ January 19th(Fri) before 5:00pm

1) Dissertation Submission Confirmation:(심사완료 검인서)

   - Upload the original file of your dissertation on the library website.

   - The library will verify the submission and issue a confirmation certificate(takes 2-3 days). 

 2) Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check(논문표절예방 프로그램 검사확인서)

    * please refer to the attachment below.

    * Make sure to get a signature from committee head(your advisor).

3) Title page(논문 속표지)

    * Not a cover page.

4) Copy of signature page(인준지 사본) 

   - Visit the administrative office with both the original and a copy of the signature page. Show the original to the staff in charge for verification.

   - Keep the verified original document yourself, and submit the copy one to the administrative office.