[China] Siemens Finance and Leasing Ltd. 20-1 진배나

2020.12.28 Views 1685 진배나

On September 1st, 2020, I officially came to Siemens Finance and Leasing Ltd. as a newcomer and started my four-month internship. The general manager smoothly agreed to my internship requirement and said to me: "In our company, you will definitely be able to learn a lot, and work hard!" Even if that was only a short sentence, but it did gave me, who was still a little confused about the actual work, a lot of encouragement.

On the first day of the internship, I was a little cautious. Since it was the first time I was sitting in an air-conditioned office and seeing other people coming in and out busy, I could only stay aside and couldn't join them at all, at that time I was keep wondering when I would be able to be a part of them. Although I know that interns should take the initiative to find jobs and have a good vision, but everyone doesn't seem to treat me as an intern who urgently needs to learn.

Everyone is busy with their own work. This situation made me a little embarrassed, and immediately felt a little discouraged, should I just sit there until the end of the internship? But when I think of the current situation of college students’ internships, it seems When it was all like this, I immediately began to calm down and told myself not to rush and take my time. I checked some information on the Internet at home before, and I think it should be helpful for my internship.

There are not too many people in the finance department of the company. There is a chief financial officer, a Spanish lady as manager, 2 cashier and 4 analysts. I was very lucky. I have learned a lot from our manager who has worked for many years. Some of them are indeed What you can't learn in school is a kind of dedication and hard work. When I went there on the first day, he explained the content of my work there. At first I felt quite nervous. After communicating with him, I gradually relaxed myself.

After entering the job, I realized that I have many things seemingly simple that are not so easy to do. I need to be careful and patient. In fact, it is not difficult to fill in the vouchers. The difficult thing is to distinguish which original vouchers are all kinds of invoices. I don’t know any other than bus tickets. I don’t know anything about invoices, handwritten invoices, business, catering, not to mention checks and bank statements. I don't even know how to transfer the invoice with the gift. Imagine that what we usually study is written narrative questions, and then write entries, which is very different from actual work.

I summarize the meaning of personal internship and my understanding of work as follows:

1. As an finance associate, you must have good professional qualities, professional ethics and a dedicated attitude at work. As the core organization of modern enterprise management, the finance department must have high quality requirements for its employees.

2. You must have a rigorous working attitude. Finance is a very precise task. It relies on precise numbers to reflect problems. Therefore, we must strengthen our sensitivity to numbers and discover and solve problems in time to make up for loopholes.

3. The finance department is the core department of corporate management. When dealing with various personnel in various departments, we must pay attention to the communication methods and coordinate the working relationship between each other.