[China] Shanghai Hengze Catering Management Co., Ltd. 20-2 곽효

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I am GUO XIAO, and I have finished the international internship as an account in China from 2020.9-2020.12. I hope the writing of my personal experience will be helpful for students who are confused and seeking for their internship experience or future career.

The campus life in Korea was getting comfortable for me, and it did not occur to me that is better for me to gather internship experience before graduation. However, after I attended the exchange program provided by KUBS, walking out of my comfort zone, I have met many new friends and most of them already have taken many internships and have a clear goal of what they want for their career. In contrast, I felt confused about my future path, hence, at that time I was determined to start an internship.
Moreover, because of the coming pandemic, I decided to take internship in Shanghai, China where I would like to live in the future.

Work content:
I took the accounting internship at Shanghai Hengze Catering Management Co., Ltd. It runs two popular barbecue restaurants and a bar. Because it is a relatively small sized catering company, my work can have multiple work content, and it can be divided into two main parts.
The first part is the accountant job. I am responsible for accounting and auditing daily expenses, preparation of monthly financial statements, and calculation of salaries.
The second part is sort of like marketing work. My mentor assigns me with the investigation tasks to check what is the popular trends nowadays in restaurants from several review applications and raise suggestions.

Working & Life in Shanghai
I have not stayed in Shanghai for this long time before. So thanks to this internship, I spent much time in this city and I really like the work and life here. Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city. There are many forefingers and by wandering on the street I can have hear people passing by me speaking Korean and other languages. There is a Korean town in shanghai which I have visited several times.
The working pace in shanghai is as fast as in Seoul, and 30% of residents spend more than one hour
commuting between home and work. The crowd subway brings me stress everyday. However, I enjoyed my life in Shanghai, because even I felt the pressure but at the same time, I feel hopeful and promising in this environment, and I love Shanghai's inclusive culture and its combination of modern and past.

1.Be patient. From the beginning, I felt anxious because I could not catch up with the work, I asked many questions and felt the communication was not efficient. However, my suggestions from now are to observe mentor's way of doing things. ex) how to dealing with chain stores to see how they interact, and gradually you will have a clue. Do not rush yourself or be frustrated when you feel like you are bothering the others, because it is normal for you to ask questions for something you just know. Give yourself sometime and you will have you own working style.

2.Ask questions and think & work independently. My mentor's way of working is to assign me tasks without telling me how to do. At first, I felt lost and asked many questions about procedures but my mentor emphasis the logic behind it. She directs me to understand the working logic and find the to-do tasks by myself, instead of she assigning many work, I have to guide myself. It is hard at first, but once you understand the logic naturally you know why to do, what to do and how to do.