[China / Shanghai ] Shanghai Interface Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. 20-2 최문박

2020.12.23 Views 1793 최문박

Shanghai Interface Marketing Planning Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Red Star Macalline Group Co., Ltd., which is specialized in marketing planning for Macalline. Macalline serves as the operator and manager of "Red Star Macalline" home decoration and furniture mall. Through the operation and management of both self-owned shopping malls and commissioned shopping malls, it aims to provide comprehensive services for its home decoration and furniture shopping malls merchants, consumers and partners. For today, it has grown to a well-known national home decoration and furniture mall operator with the largest business area, the largest number of shopping malls and the broadest geographical coverage in China.

The business of Shanghai Interface Marketing Planning Co., Ltd, includes: marketing planning, brand management, sales promotion planning, advertising planning, sales channel planning, personal sales planning, public relations activities planning, design, production, and release of various advertising. The role of Interface is to help Macalline to promote the online and offline publicity and sales of product, increase the popularity of Macalline and achieve more economic benefits.

First of all, I have a huge interest in the Retail industry, and I hope to work in the FMCG and Retail field after graduation. Red Star Macalline has grown to a well-known national home decoration and furniture mall operator with the largest business area, the largest number of shopping malls and the broadest geographical coverage in China. Therefore, I believe that an internship in such an excellent company can accumulate work experience and gain a full understanding of the whole home furnishing industry.

Secondly, I want to participate in the on-campus job fair in the autumn of 2021, doing an internship in Macalline can prepare me well for this recruitment. Because the internship in Macalline can increase my social experience, build my network, accumulate my contacts, enrich my knowledge in the industry, and combine my theoretical experience with the practice. More importantly, the company also has a management trainee program.

프로젝트를 소개:
I will serve as a Digital Marketing Intern. Our team responsible for the feeds ads on various media of 400+ Macalline Home Furnishing malls in China, which is mainly uses various online media channels to enhance the publicity effects made by Macalline malls, to realize the conversion of online public traffic to private traffic, and to maximize its brand effectiveness. We strive to increase CTR(click-through rate) and CVR(conversion rate) so that consumers can get to know the brand through online channels, advertising and campaigns. Our goal also includes to increase the number of visitors, to guide visitors offline around the Macalline shopping mall, and to bring good shopping experience to consumers. My job is to assist in the manage the progress of the feeds ads projects, control the compliance of each project, give feedback to my leader and finally do projects with my mentor.

Through this internship, I not only learn how to do projects and manage projects, but also have a good understanding of the advertising places of major media. After this internship, I will choose my job in two directions. One is to stay in our department as a Business Development person. Since I have done some projects. This not only trained my understanding of products, but also improved my communication and negotiation skills, so I think I am competent for the job of BD. Second is go to a media company to do a job, which is related to products in the future. Through this personal experience, I found that there was a strong logic behind the product, which attracted me to explore more. Luckily, my company has a management trainee program. If I have excellent performance, I can participate in the trainee program with no regular interview. Hence, I have to be a person who are positive and productive, who think critically, work independently and have good communication skills. Firstly, our project period is short and fast, therefore, it is impossible to complete the team work without high execution and efficiency. Secondly, I should be able to work independently and think critically, because all other BD colleagues are in charge of a certain area, and they will solve any problem by themselves. Finally, good communication skills and negotiation skills are required, because during the period, it will caused many problems like poor effect of advertising that I need to deal with it. Moreover, my leaders and colleagues are pretty nice to me, as we often dine together, which makes me quickly into this lovely team. I will also participate in the teamwork activities of the company, and get to know the corporate culture and industry dynamics.

To sum up, I think this internship brings me not only wonderful experiences on my resume but also a significant contribution to my life.