게재년월 저자명 논문명 게재지명
2021-12 김광현 The Relationship Between Team Deep-Level Diversity and Team Performance: A Meta-Analysis of the Main Effect, Moderators, and Mediating Mechanisms JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES
2021-12 김대수 Profile Deviation Analysis of Global Firms' Working Capital Management in the Automotive Industry During the Financial Crisis and Recovery Periods STUDIES IN COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE
2021-12 김병조 Keep it or kill it? The optimal management of old technology-based products in the prevalence of new technology-based products JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY
2021-12 김병조 Authentication and Compensation in E-commerce 상품학연구
2021-12 김우찬 Investment efficiency of firms outside the business group JOURNAL OF CORPORATE FINANCE
2021-12 김진배 Firm performance and the adoption of a co-CEO structure: Evidence from Korea ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT
2021-12 김진배 이사의 손해배상책임 감경규정 도입의 효과 경영학연구
2021-12 박광태 Supply Chain Finance, Performance and Risk: How DO SMEs Adjust Their Buyer-Supplier Relationship for Competitiveness? JOURNAL OF COMPETITIVENESS
2021-12 석관호 Charitable Organizations' Cost Disclosure Mitigates Overhead Aversion SUSTAINABILITY
2021-12 유승원 Firm performance and the adoption of a co-CEO structure: Evidence from Korea ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT
2021-12 유승원 내부회계관리제도 운영에 대한 연구 동향 : 내부회계관리제도 운영효과를 중심으로 회계저널
2021-12 유용근 내부회계관리제도 감사가 재무제표 감사품질에 미치는 영향 회계저널
2021-12 이건웅 Predicting Ethereum prices with machine learning based on Blockchain information EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS
2021-12 이동욱 The Role of Second-Tier Exchange in Corporate Valuation: Evidence from Korea ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STUDIES
2021-12 이종호 Digital transformation and advertising: insights from the 2020 ICAMA-KAS conference INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING
2021-12 조명현 Analysis of Organizational Effectiveness Antecedents: Focus on Human Resource Management Practice and Moderating Effect of Firms's the Status Quo EAST ASIAN JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ECONOMICS
2021-12 홍세준 Understanding the bi-directional message diffusion mechanism in the context of IT trends and current social issues INFORMATION & MANAGEMENT
2021-11 고병완 캐시카우 사용자 예측 모델을 통한 리워드형 홈트레이닝 앱의 운영 및 관리 전략에 관한 연구 INFORMATION SYSTEMS REVIEW
2021-11 김병조 Optimal inventory management with buy-one-give-one promotion IISE TRANSACTIONS
2021-11 김우찬 Anchoring Effect of Pre-Meeting Vote Disclosures: Evidence from the National Pension Service 재무연구
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