IBRE Faculty Brown Bag Seminar

Fall 2023 IBRE Faculty Brown Bag Seminar

The IBRE Faculty Brown Bag Seminar, open to all KUBS faculty members, presents the opportunity to share and discuss research ideas across different academic fields. We more than welcome any faculty members who would like to share research ideas at any stage for feedback ranging from research working papers to simply early-stage ideas. The seminar runs presentations every other week in either Korean or English as per the presenter’s preference.

Fall 2023 brown bag will start from September 21 and will be held on every other Thursday 12:00-13:00

G-Song Yoo (Kubs, Accounting)

Fall 2023
December 7, Thursday, 12:00-13:00
September 21

Multitask-Finetuned Theory-Based Prompt Learning for Hate Speech Detection

Kyuhan Lee(KUBS, MIS)
October 12

The Impact of Increasing Entry Fee on Emergency Department Demand: A Territory-Wide Study

Hyun Seok Lee (KUBS, LSOM)
October 26

The Two Faces of Retail Investors: Noise Traders or Liquidity Providers?

Heebum Lee (KUBS, Finance)
November 9

Regulator's communication in crowded markets

Taejin Kim (KUBS, Finance)
November 23

Self and social consequences of virtue signaling

December 7


G-Song Yoo (KUBS, Accounting)

Questions/Volunteering : Jaehwan Kim (#2603; or Ms. Jeongmin Lee (#2704; at Institute for Business Research and Education, Korea University.