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재무금융센터 2023.09.22.(금) Nadya Malenko Voting Choice University of Michigan
아시아경영연구센터 2023.09.22.(금) 노은기 Remooring: Founders` construction of identity coherence Korea University
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.09.22.(금) Antino Kim Human Meets Digital Human: The Moving Frontier of Conversational AI Indiana University
초우량조직연구센터 2023.09.21.(목) Seung-Hyun Luke Rhee  CEO Attentional Vigilance and the Pursuit of Exploration: Theory and Evidence University of California, Irvine
재무금융센터 2023.09.15.(금) Seongjin Park Origin of Rent Stickiness and Its Implications for Income Distribution in the Rental Housing Market University of Chicago
아시아경영연구센터 2023.09.15.(금) 김경용 CEO Servant Leadership and Organizational Profitability Villanova University
회계세무센터 2023.09.15.(금) 구민재 Acquisition of Customer Information and Corporate Decision Making The Chinese University of Hong Kong
초우량조직연구센터 2023.09.14.(목) 박은영 How shareholder ligitation risk influences firm orientation toward stakeholders The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
아시아경영연구센터 2023.09.08.(금) 김민영 Value Chain and Expropriation University of Kansas
재무금융센터 2023.09.08.(금) Marcin Kaspeczyk Carbon-Transition Risk and Net-Zero Portfolios Imperial College London
마케팅연구센터 2023.09.08.(금) Seoungwoo Lee The Impact of Mobile App Upgrades across App Versions Tulane University
LSOM연구센터 2023.08.14.(월) Chris Tang Proactive Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain Development UCLA
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.07.21.(금) 심재웅 Goal-Setting for On-Demand Learning: A Field Experiment University of Conneticut
LSOM연구센터 2023.07.18.(화) 김상현 Impact of Network Structure on New Service Pricing Yale University
아시아경영연구센터 2023.06.22.(목) ChangHoon Oh Labor disputes in China: Turning bad news into good things University of Kansas
회계세무센터 2023.06.16.(금) 최기순 Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? Do Fair Value Estimates Depend on Whether you are the Issuer or the Investor in Debt Securities? Boston College
재무금융센터 2023.06.16.(금) Ing-Hwa Cheng Risk-taking at U.S. Regional Banks Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.06.16.(금) 최윤민 Post-Disaster Utilization of Bike Share Systems and its Contributions to Transportation Fairness 고려대학교
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.06.16.(금) 이도균 Inno VAE: Generatie AI for Understanding Patents and Innovation Boston University
재무금융센터 2023.06.13.(화) Marco Becht Voice Through Divestment Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
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