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디지털이노베이션센터 2022.01.13.(목) 엄성용  Deep Learning Algorithms for Breakthrough Innovation Enablers: The Case of Python Ecosystem National University of Singapore
디지털이노베이션센터 2022.01.04.(화) 이규한  Liars’ Pants on Fire: Structural Balance Theory Based Deep Learning Model for Identifying False Information Arizona State University
마케팅연구센터 2021.12.17.(금) Hyowon Kim Integrating Textual Information into Models of Choice and Scaled Response Data Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University
초우량조직연구센터 2021.12.14.(화) Jaee Cho Cultural chameleon: How diversity ideologies shape cultural accommodation Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
회계세무센터 2021.12.10.(금) 박유일 교수 Reducing Short Selling Constraints and Investment-Stock Price Sensitivity: Theory and Evidence University of Hawaii at Manoa
마케팅연구센터 2021.12.10.(금) Minkyung Kim Structural Model of a Multitasking Salesforce: Incentive, Private Information, and Job Design Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina
재무금융센터 2021.12.10.(금) Jun-Koo Kang Does Firms’ Equity Financing Benefit Debtholders? Evidence from Private Placements of Equity Nanyang Business School
초우량조직연구센터 2021.12.07.(화) Arnaud Cudennec A cultural lockdown? The impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the evaluation of atypical cultural goods Hong Kong Polytechnic University
재무금융센터 2021.12.03.(금) Ki-Woong Byun Market Price of Systemic Credit Risk: a comparative analysis between the global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic Korea University Business School
디지털이노베이션센터 2021.12.03.(금) 송민기 The Role of Moderators in Virtual Communities: Evidence from Live Streaming Videos 고려대학교 경영대학
경영철학연구그룹 2021.12.03.(금) 손화철 교수 기술 마케팅의 빛과 그림자: 메타버스 열풍과 하이퍼리드(hyperlead) 한동대 기술철학
초우량조직연구센터 2021.11.30.(화) Ribuga Kang How do firms respond to risk posed by outside directors as an outbound conduit of information? Chinese University of Hong Kong
재무금융센터 2021.11.26.(금) Jangwoo Lee Self-Enforcing Contracts with Persistence Chinese University of Hong Kong
초우량조직연구센터 2021.11.23.(화) Feng Bai Does the COVID-19 pandemic influence people`s preference for leaders, and how? Hong Kong Polytechnic University
디지털이노베이션센터 2021.11.19.(금) 유동희 Building a Core Rule-based Decision Tree to Explain the Causes of Insolvency in SMEs More Easily 경상국립대학교
재무금융센터 2021.11.19.(금) Foti Grigoris Investment under Up- and Downstream Uncertainty Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
마케팅연구센터 2021.11.19.(금) Ju-Yeon Lee The Role of Structural Asymmetry in Strategic Alliances Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University
초우량조직연구센터 2021.11.16.(화) Yuna Cho Stuck in the middle: Social comparison processes amidst organizational change University of Hong Kong
재무금융센터 2021.11.12.(금) Katie Moon Imprecise and Informative: Lessons from Market Reactions to Imprecise Disclosure Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder
마케팅연구센터 2021.11.12.(금) Hanyong Park Pricing and Consumer Decision Making Broad College of Business, Michigan State University
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