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재무금융센터 2022.10.14.(금) Patrick Augustin Yield Farming Mcgill University
초우량조직연구센터 2022.10.11.(화) Taewoong Um How Venture Capital Contracts Evolve: Bargaining Power and Value Capture Rights Purdue University
마케팅연구센터 2022.10.07.(금) Seong Kyoung Shin The Effect of Targeting Communications on Customer Conversion under Partial Compliance Purdue University
아시아경영연구센터 2022.10.07.(금) SoHee Lim Who wants to take risks?: CEO risk preference and the ownership level in cross-border acquisition Korea University Business School
회계세무센터 2022.10.07.(금) 최아름 Does the Audit Risk Highlighted in CAMs Have Real Consequences?: Evidence Using Salience Score 성균관대학교
재무금융센터 2022.10.07.(금) Wei Jiang How to Talk When a Machine is Listening? Corporate Disclosure in the Age of AI Emory University
초우량조직연구센터 2022.10.04.(화) MK Chin "Chasing Controversy: Motivations Behind Firm Involvement in Socially Contentious Issues" Indiana University
회계세무센터 2022.09.30.(금) 최재은 Sales-based CEO incentive and its effect across the supply chain Michigan University
재무금융센터 2022.09.30.(금) Keeyoung Rhee A (Paradoxical) Solution for Greenwashing Problems POSTECH
재무금융센터 2022.09.30.(금) Joseph Kalmenovitz Regulatory Fragmentation University of Rochester
초우량조직연구센터 2022.09.27.(화) Tae Youn Park Organization-driven (vs. Market-driven) Pay Dispersion Effects Cornell University
마케팅연구센터 2022.09.23.(금) Jisang Han Sounding Warm: The Role of Vocal Pitch on Perceptions of Service Provider Warmth Sungkyunkwan University
재무금융센터 2022.09.23.(금) Jinfei Sheng Technology and Cryptocurrency Valuation University of California, Irvine
회계세무센터 2022.09.23.(금) 김희동 Does Talking the Climate Change Talk Help Reduce Investor Uncertainty? Evidence from the Paris Agreement CUNY Baruch
아시아경영연구센터 2022.09.23.(금) ShuFeng Xiao Multiple principal conflicts and technological performance of international new ventures: The moderating role of founder’s experiences Sookmyung Women`s University
초우량조직연구센터 2022.09.20.(화) Joonhyung Bae Effect of Venture Capital Investment Horizon on New Product Development: Evidence from the Medical Device Sector Sungkyunkwan University
디지털이노베이션센터 2022.09.16.(금) 정재훤 Commercializing Social Media? How a Showrooms on Social Media Fan Pages Influence Customer Behavior Temple University
회계세무센터 2022.09.16.(금) 이광진 Information Aggregation and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift: Evidence from Wikipedia Articles Pepperdine University
재무금융센터 2022.09.16.(금) Constantine Yannelis Data and Welfare in Credit Markets University of Chicago
마케팅연구센터 2022.09.16.(금) Hyewon Cho Feeling of Emptiness: Comfort-Seeking and Finding Meaning through Consumption Sogang University
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