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재무금융센터 2023.06.02.(금) Gormsen Niels Corporate Discount Rates Chicago Booth School of Business
재무금융센터 2023.05.26.(금) Hyunseob Kim Dynamic Incentive Effects of Dual-Class Shares: Theory and Evidence Chicago Fed
회계세무센터 2023.05.26.(금) 김은지 Reporting Spillover: Mutual Fund Disclosure Frequency and Corporate Reporting Texas A&M University
재무금융센터 2023.05.22.(월) Chanik Jo Subjective Risk-Return Trade-off Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.05.19.(금) 박지용 Hiding Carbon Footprint in the Cloud: Cloud Migration, Corporate Carbon Disclosure, and Environmental Performance University of North Carolina at Greensboro
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.05.19.(금) 허윤영 A Large-Scale Randomized Field Experiment on the Impact of Physical Attractiveness on Different Types of Prosocial Behaviors George Mason University
재무금융센터 2023.05.19.(금) Huang Jing Fintech Expansion Mays Business School, Texas A&M University
재무금융센터 2023.05.18.(목) Terry S. Moon Job Transitions and Employee Earnings After Acquisitions: Linking Corporate and Worker Outcomes University of British Columbia
디지털이노베이션센터 2023.05.17.(수) 김종우 최신 AI 동향 및 기업 활용 사례(LG 사례 중심) LG AI Research
LSOM연구센터 2023.05.17.(수) 노인준 Promoting Generics: Effects on Pharmaceutical Quality Pennsylvania State University
재무금융센터 2023.05.12.(금) Mark Egan What Drives Variation in Investor Portfolios? Estimating the Roles of Beliefs and Risk Preferences. Harvard Business School
회계세무센터 2023.05.03.(수) Ashiq Ali The Effect of Air Pollution on Managers` Forecasting Ability The University of Texas at Dallas
재무금융센터 2023.04.28.(금) Gonzalo Maturana Stakeholders, Governance, and Firm Output: Evidence from Hospitals Goizueta Business School, Emory University
회계세무센터 2023.04.21.(금) 황인이 Employee-Manager Information Asymmetry and Employee Turnover 서울대학교
재무금융센터 2023.04.21.(금) Hwanki Brian Kim The Role of Passive Ownership in the Era of Say-on-Pay Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University
재무금융센터 2023.04.20.(목) Kee-Hong Bae Ferreting Out Growth Through Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Schulich School of Business, York University
회계세무센터 2023.04.14.(금) 박예연 Disclosure and Firm-Sector Comovement Singapore Management University
재무금융센터 2023.04.14.(금) German Gutierrez Nonbank Lending and Credit Cyclicality Foster School of Business, University of Washington 
회계세무센터 2023.04.07.(금) 최령매 The Role of Employees as Information Intermediaries: Evidence from their Professional Connections City University of Hong Kong
재무금융센터 2023.04.07.(금) Huan Tang The Supply and Demand for Data Privacy: Evidence from Mobile Apps London School of Economics
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