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[취업스토리] Microsoft-Product Marketing Manager (경영11)

2017.02.06 Views 1176 석화정

KUBS Career Success Story
Yun Seop Um, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager

1. 간단한 자기소개  
My name is Yun Seop Um and I entered Korea University Business School back in 2011. Just recently, I got accepted into Microsoft Korea through MACH Graduate / MBA Program and I will be serving as the Product Marketing Manager for Windows. Growing up in Bellevue, Washington, right next to Microsoft Headquarters, Microsoft has always been a very familiar company to me and I am more than grateful to become part of this organization. I actually have one more semester left in order to graduate, so I will be attending school while working next semester.
2. 대학 재학 기간 중 취업에 도움이 됐다고 생각하는 주요 활동을 소개해주세요.
One of the things that really frustrate me is that so many students get caught up joining student society. I did not do any of that because it felt like a waste of time. Sure, it is great if you join student society because you want to, but you really should not be going about joining them just because everyone else seems to be doing so. Instead, you should take time to really understand what you want to do and actually commit yourself to doing those things. For me, I have always loved sports, especially basketball, and I have been part of Kyung-Nong, Korea University Business School intramural basketball team, since 2011. There is more to learn from participating in the things you have passion for, even if it does not involve reading case studies and spending long hours discussing in study rooms.
3. 본인이 현재 취업한 회사를 택한 이유는 무엇입니까?
First, as mentioned above, Microsoft is a very familiar company to me because I spent most of my life in Bellevue, Washington. Second, not many people talk about Microsoft these days. It is often associated with Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and has an old image. Instead, everybody just marvels at Apple, Google, and so on. But the thing is, if you take a closer look in the IT industry, Microsoft is really pursuing a different agenda from them. Right now, Microsoft is trying to take the world to the cloud through Azure and allow different activities to happen under a central hub: Windows. This is the vision, yet far-fetched, is what I really valued of Microsoft and my desire to participate in contributing to making this vision come true has led me to apply.
4. 본인의 직무에 대한 간략한 설명과 해당 직무를 택한 이유는 무엇입니까?
As a Korean-American with wide range of experiences both in Korea and abroad, I believed my specialty lies within communication skills and in that aspect, I thought marketing is the area where I can take full advantage of my strengths. As a Product Marketing Manager for Windows on the consumer end, I will be working closely to better connect consumers with Windows and familiarize them with different features that can vastly facilitate their works and even life in general. I will be in charge of organizing marketing campaigns and several marketing activities to meet target goals for Windows division.
5. 취업 준비 과정에 대한 자세한 소개를 부탁드립니다.
I applied for the position through Microsoft Career Homepage, which required me to submit a resume, cover letter, and answer two essay questions. There was no assessment test. After you pass the paper process, you will have to face series of interviews. In my case, I had total of 6 interviews. Honestly, it is hard to tell you what to expect from the interviews because the questions were very various, ranging anywhere from product-related to your resume-related questions. The most important thing here is to be yourself and elaborate on your experiences to let the interviewers know that you are indeed a very intelligent individual, able to contribute positively to the organization. Be sure to do your homework and study the role and product you are assigned to.
6. 관련 분야의 취업을 준비하는 후배들에게 조언.
Before entering the IT industry, make sure that you are indeed really interested and passionate in this field. I see many students just joining startups or even starting startups just because it is the trend these days. IT industry moves extremely quickly and each day, something new comes up. If you are not willing to commit to this fast-moving environment and dedicate yourself, this may not be the best fit for you.