Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of collection

: Personal information is collected for the purpose of identifying civil petitioners, checking civil complaints, contacting and notifying them of facts, and notifying them of processing results.

2. Personal information to be disclosed

1) Required items: Name, email address, contact information

3. Matters concerning entrustment of personal information processing

: This website entrusts the processing of personal information as follows for smooth handling of the affairs under its jurisdiction.

  • Consignee (Fiduciary): FIART SID Co., Ltd
  • Contracting business details: Acting on the operation of the Korea University Business School website (design and development of web pages)

4. Period of retention of personal information

Personal information used in handling civil affairs shall be retained for three years after the completion of civil affairs. Data that has passed 3 years will be destroyed without delay.
However, if personal information is requested to be deleted, the school and the personal information processing consignee will immediately destroy it.

5. Right to refuse collection consent and restrictions

- If you do not want the above matters related to the collection and use of personal information, you may refuse to agree.

- However, if you do not agree on the collection and use of essential information in the items of personal information we collect, there may be restrictions on the provision of civil service services.