[Academic]Credit approval for 2020 2nd Semester Domestic Internship

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           Credit approval for 2020 2nd Semester Domestic Internship


1. Qualification of application 

1) The student in business administration who has completed more than four semesters. (by the 2020 Fall semester)

- a double majoring in Business Administration

- a student from the School of Interdisciplinary Studies who are majoring in Business Administration. 

2) A student who will participate in a fixed or scheduled internship of at least four weeks during the Fall semester of 2020.

3) Unable to get credits for any other period. Only the period from Fall Semester is acceptable as credits.

4) Unable to apply for students belonging to other departments.

5) The regular semester: Prospective graduate CAN apply.

The summer/winter semester: Prospective graduate candidate CANNOT apply. 

6) International students can apply for this course only if they are unpaid interns.

 In case of a paid intern, you must visit the immigration office to check visa issues. Consult with the Global Service Center representative first.


2. Course Title and Criteria of Credits Approval 

1) Course Title(A maximum of 6 credit hours for Summer/Winter sessions) 

- Internship Practice (3 credits.) BUSS 467

- Internship Practice (3 credits.) BUSS 468

- Internship Practice (3 credits.) BUSS 491

- Internship Practice (3 credits.) BUSS 492





3 credits

More than 4 weeks to less than 8 weeks

More than 160 hours to less than 320 hours.

6 credits

More than 8 weeks to less than 12 weeks

More than 320 hours to less than 480 hours.

9 credits

More than 12 weeks to less than 16 weeks

More than 480 hours to less than 640 hours.

12 credits

More than 16 weeks to less than 20 weeks

More than 640 hours to less than 800 hours.


 Grades are given as Pass/Fail(P/F)

 Tuition payment and assignment submission are MANDATORY for grading or you will get an ‘F’.



· You can take any Internship Practice courses (including both major elective course and general elective course) offered by KU and the maximum credits you can get is 12.

· A student who has studied an intensive major in Business Administration: A maximum of 12 credits in Business Administration (major elective course) can be attained through the internship program.

· A student who has studied other than an intensive major in Business Administration: A maximum of 6 credits in Business Administration(major elective course) can be attained through the internship program.

· A transferred student, who has the first major in Business Administration and studied an intensive major in Business Administration: If the internship program of the previous university has been recognized as a major elective course, the credits will be calculated together.


The acceptable credits 

from the previous university(Major Elective)

Acceptable credits (Maximum)

Less than 9 credits

12 credits

Less than 12 credits

9 credits

Less than 15 credits

6 credits

Less than 18 credits

3 credits

Over 18 credits

Not acceptable



3. The procedure of the Internship Practice in the second semester of 2020.




The notice of application guidance

(on the KUBS website)


Must check out the notice and the attached file carefully from KUBS website.

Online application and submission (Hard copy)

2020.8.12. (Wed) 17:00


A period of examination from the Head of Department of Business Administration.

2020.8.13. (Thu) 

~ 8.17.(Mon)

Credits cannot be acceptable without the Department Head’s approval.

(students without credit approval will get prior notification)

Announcement of the results of the document screening. (Approval or not)

Will be proceeded by coordinator during course registration period


Course Registration 


MUST LEAVE the extra credits to register for ‘Internship Practice’ course. On behalf of the students, the Career Hub office will register the courses.




(Will be notified)

Admitting period for performing internship program.

2020.9.1.(Tue) ~ 12.28.(Mon)

Only this period is acceptable as credits even if you work beyond the period.

Company visiting and interview by the professor in charge

2020.9.1.(Tue) ~ 12.28.(Mon)

The schedule will be decided after consulting with the company manager.

Assignment Submission

2020.12.28.(Mon) 17:00

If you do not submit your assignment by the deadline, then you will get an automatic ‘F’ grade.

Grade Release





· You should make sure if the company can sign the agreement in advance.

· Submit three copies of the agreement with the signature from the company and you. (Deadline: 5/29 Friday 17:00)

· After receiving approval from the Department Head, the manager from KUBS Career Hub will register for ‘Internship Practice’ courses ON BEHALF OF YOU. Therefore, DO NOT register for ‘Internship Practice’ courses and you must leave the extra credits to register.


4. Documents to be submitted (Check the files attached on KUBS website)

 1) The followings are documents to be submitted by 2020/8/12. (Wed) 17:00.

 Print out and submit to KUBS Career Hub in hard copy only. Post mail is accepted but email is not accepted. (Business School Main Building 304)

Online application form (through CDC website.) – 1

A preliminary letter of approval related to recognition of credits - 1 (attached file)

An application for participation – 1 (attached file)

A letter of self-introduction -1 (attached file)

Documents of introducing the company – 1 (Free format, as much detail as possible) 

Intern employment confirmation form. (Documents or email that can show you are going to work as an intern.) - 1

An official transcript - 1

Standard Agreement with sign (Company representative’s and yours) – 3 (For student, company, university) (attached file)


 [Notice] ★★★★★

· You MUST LEAVE extra credits to register ‘Internship Practice’ course. 

· If you decide not to take the ‘Internship Practice’ course, you must delete it yourself.

· Every document MUST HAVE your sign.

· During the program, every notification will be informed via e-mail.   


If you have any questions, feel free contact Career Hub.