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2020.12.22 Views 2366 LIUPEIROU

Hi, my name is LIU PEIROU, major in Business Administration, it is my pleasure to share with you my internship experience in China.

Due to the pandemic, I could not come to South Korea to study, so I decided to stay in China for an internship and take this opportunity to get to know better the work-life and improve my workplace skills such as project management skills, logical thinking, and communication techniques, etc. Most of the companies I have applied for are from the education industry because firstly, I am interested in education and feel meaningful to help others get a better education. Secondly, the education industry in China is booming, various new educational products and models have emerged recently such as AI learning for kids, Python learning, etc.

Company Introduction:
The company I joined is one of the biggest educational institutions in China, located in Guangzhou, named Guangdong Zhuoyue Qian Cheng Education Service Co., Ltd (Abbreviated as ZY). It is a wholly-owned subsidiary founded by Zhuoyue (Beststudy) Education Group (03978, HK) in 2014. ZY provides educational consulting services for universities, colleges, educational institutions in China and overseas to help them with international education planning, which includes Short-term exchange programs, international competitions, Joint Educational programs, seminars, etc. During the internship, I worked in the Oversea Program Department, which is mainly in charge of overseas program planning, resources matching, and execution.

Job responsibilities and contents:
In the beginning, all the new interns required to participate in job training for around 1 week to have a better understanding of the company business’s model and learn about the basic workplace skills like project management skills, problems solving skills, and so on. At first, I was assigned to help write the project proposal and conduct some market research about the education industry in the Southeast market. A month later, I began to work on some projects, including project planning, meeting arrangement, and so on.

Internship learning and experiences:
1) Learn more about myself: I knew better about myself through this internship. By knowing myself what I like or dislike, what am I good at or bad at, and what is my strength or weakness, and this can really help me to make decisions about my career choice and determine what kind of person I want to be in the future.

2) Basic workplace skills improvement: At the beginning of the internship, I mainly deal with some paperwork, later on, I was assigned to follow up on a few projects related to E-commerce, which required me to work with our partners, communicate with clients regularly. In general, all of the tasks have improved me in many aspects, which include my communication skills, logical thinking, project management skills, etc. And that would be very helpful for my future career life.

3) Professional network: During the internship, I met many outstanding people. Some of my colleagues who work with me are very hardworking, some are very energetic, some are very creative, and my boss is a very decisive person who likes to challenge new things. I have learned a lot from them, and they sometimes give me some guidance on career choices. Because of the company's projects, I have the opportunity to interact with people in different fields, from the education industry to the Internet industry, and sometimes I need to interact with people from the
government. I think these kinds of resources could be very helpful to me in the future.

4) Be proactive: During this internship, I found out that the biggest difference between school and the workplace is that no one will always be around to guide you or teach you. We don’t wait for someone else to help us but to learn, practice, and summarize proactively.

5) Let others hear our voice: During the internship, we will hold meetings regularly to report on our work progress and brainstorm some ideas. At first, I was barely talked because I think I was still in the learning stage. A month later, my superiors not just assign me the tasks but also often ask my opinion and discuss some problems together. In fact, what many companies want is not a working
machine, but a creative employee who is good at expressing their ideas.