[Undergraduate] General Leave of Absence

2017.07.05 Views 3245 장예지

1. Application Period
1) International Students: Spring term: ~ February 25 / Fall term: ~ August 25
2) Domestic Students: Spring term: February 1 – February 25 / Fall term: August 1 – August 25
2. How to Apply
1) International Students: Fill out the attached form below and email it to the corresponding manager
2) Domestic Students: Apply via KUPID within the application period

3. Notes
1) You may take a Leave of Absence for a semester or a year. If you wish to extend your leave, you must re-apply. You are eligible for up to 3 years (6 semesters) of leave.
2) New students, transfer students, and re-admitted students are not eligible to take a leave of absence for their first semester, except the following conditions: pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and/or illness
3) Students on leave of absence should not make a tuition payment. For those who already paid tuition, it will be refunded; however, the amount may vary depending on the date of refund.