[Academic](2021 Fall) Final Exam(Offline) Schedule & Venue (as of Dec 3)

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Please find the attached file for 2021-2 Final exam(Offline) schedule and venue.
*Final Exam Period: December 8 (Wed) – 21 (Tue)
  (Exams may be conducted before the exam period at the instructor's discretion.)
* This notice is for the courses conducting exams offline. If a course is not listed on the attached file, please refer to your professor's instruction in clcass or notice on Blackboard.

* Please check the schedule and venue before the exam; the time and venue of your exam may not be the same with those of your regular class. 


* In order to ensure the distance between students, KUBS has assigned additional classrooms. (The maximum number of students allowed in each classroom is 30% of the classroom's capacity(=number of seats)). Please take your seat according to the exam supervisor's instruction.


* Please refer to the attached file for the notice for students taking on-campus exams.


* Guidelines for Quarantine and Personal Hygiene(for students)

  - In order to enter the building, you must bring your student ID card with you and check your body temperature.

   *Please plan to arrive early as slight delays in entering the test location are expected due to the administration of temperature checks and identification verification.


  - You MUST wear a mask inside the building and classroom. (Please bring an extra mask for yourself.)

  - Please sanitize your hand using the hand sanitizer in the lobby and classrooms.

  - Please wipe the desk using the sanitizing tissue in the classroom and throw it in the designated trash can in the classroom.
  - If you have any symptoms or are suspected of having contact with a confirmed patient infected with COVID-19 virus, please contact the administration office of the business school and the professor in charge.

* This notice will be updated if any changes made (indicated by yellow highlights). However, the updates by your professor in class or notice on the Blackboard is the most updated one, so please do check your professor's instruction prior to your exam.

*  Inquiries: Department Office of Business Administration, Bina Ok (02-3290-2703 /