[General]2021-2 Academic Advisor Mentoring Day (~11/18 extended)

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Korea University Business School has been offering its students 'Academic Advisor Mentoring' since 2007.

It is a valuable opportunity to receive many helps and advices on matter such as academics, career, scholarships, and college life in general from your advisor, who is also a senior in life.


Therefore, we are planning to have a “2021-2 Academic Advisor Mentoring Day” as shown below, so we encourage students to participate.

This day will be a precious experience for freshmen who have not met their advisor yet.


In this semester, the Mentoring Day will be conducted online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


1. How to Check Your Advisor Before Applying

Please make sure to check your advisor and apply on your advisor's attendance date.

*Portal KUPID > Registeraion/Graduation/ > University Registration Inquiries > Personal Information > Advisor


2. Participants : KUBS Students


3. Method of Mentoring : Online Meeting via Zoom

The Zoom URL will be informed by email 1 day before the event.

Please update your contact (email and phone) information by November 15, 2021 (Monday) on KUPID Portal 

*KUPID Portal > Registration/Graduation > Edit University Registration > Address/Contact Matter


4. Schedule of Mentoring Day and Participating Advisors

Please check the list of participating advisors attached below and apply the date that your advsor is participating by November 18, 2021 (Thursday).

* Application Link(Students):


5. Other Important Notice 

- If the advisor is not on the list above, please contact the professor individually for interviews.

- Academic Advisor Mentoring Sesssion is important for students enrolled in “Freshman Seminar“. We encourage frehsman, who just started their college life to participate in this event since meeting the advisor and seniors will be helpful and will be a valuable time. (mentoring session is not reflected in grade.)

- Inquiries : 02-3290-2701 (KUBS admin office for undergraduate)