[Scholarship][Notice] Fall 2021 Application for KUBS (Need-based) Scholarship – Second Round

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[Notice] Fall 2021 Application for KUBS (Need-based) Scholarship – Second Round


※ KUBS Scholarship is a tuition fee scholarship.
Eligibility: Business School Student who will register 2021 Fall semester
(There is no GPA standard)
(If you already received whole tuition fee scholarship, you are automatically rejected from the evlauation.)

Necessary documents:

1. Online Application (including the agreement to collect to use personal information)
2. Certificate of Birth 
3. Bank statement (last 3 months of bank transaction)
4. Confirmation of disease (for whom possible only / including a family member)


Application period: October 11 (MON) ~ 29 (FRI) (30th SAT 00:00 >> closed)


Online application : - undergradate - Scholarship - KUBS Scholarship  - application - apply

Acess to ☞

Application click > Apply click > Log in > Fill out all section and attach the documents > Submit


***If you are unable to log in KUBS website : the letter like #@!& is in your password.
how to fix : KUPID log in > change your password (only composed with alphabet and number) > KUBS website log in


It is possible to amend infinetely your application within the application period by 00:00 AM of the 30th OCTOBER.
Press [Submit] even after temporarily saving your application.

Things to consider:

1. If you are offered 100% of your tuition as a scholarship, you cannot apply for the KUBS Need-based scholarship. Tuition scholarships only cover within the amount of tuition, so please be aware of this.

2. The length of the statement of purpose is maximum 1400bytes. Please write about why you need to receive a scholarship. If you take a leave within this semester after you received a scholarship, please indicate that you are to return to school.

3. We only accept online applications. However, If you have any problems about save/submit/log-in of the application form, please fill out the attached form (including the agreement letter) and zip all files as one (name the file like 2021120000Sarah_birthofcertificate) and send it to below email :
If you don't have any problem about "submit" of application form, you don't need to send it via email again.


Contact: 02-3290-1301 /