[Academic]Implementaiton Guideline for the Certification Program of KUBS Concentration Track

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KUBS has established the Implementaiton Guideline for the Certification Program of KUBS Concentration Track.


1. Reasons for establishing the certification program of the Concentration Track

- To nurture creative convergence talents who know how to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, fulfill social responsibilities as a member of one’s country and the international community, and cultivate sustainable values.

- To cultivate both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to understand emerging issues in a rapidly changing business environment and find creative and innovative solutions.

- To provide student-oriented education by allowing students to design and implement academic plans focused on developing knowledge and strengthening competencies in specific areas of business administration.


2. Date of Establishment: May 1, 2021


3. Main Points

- There shall be three concentration tracks: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Analytics, and Social Value & Sustainability in Business.

- Depending on the curriculum (accredited courses) of each track, once the required credits (18 credits) are completed, a certificate of completion will be issued for that track.

- Students in the Department of Business Administration (including those who are in Interdisciplinary Studies), and students of intensive major, double major and dual degree programs are eligible for application.

- Students can complete more than one concentration track. However, a student cannot postpone graduation to complete the concentration track if all graduation requirements have been met. (*completion of concentration track is not a graduation requirement.)

- In order to apply for the completion certification of the concentration track, students must submit required documents to the KUBS administration office by the specified date after their grades for the final semester prior to graduation have been confirmed.

- (Transitional measures) The new program is also applied to students who have taken the courses prior to the effective date. Students who are expecting to graduate in August 2021 (including candidates) are eligible to apply for the completion certification for the concentration track. A completion certificate will be issued after deliberation.


Please refer to the notice on KUBS homepage for further instruction on how to apply for the completion certification.(It will be posted in June.)


Inquiries: Business School Admin Office 02-3290-2701


[Attachment] Implementation Guidelines for the Certification Program of KUBS Concentration Track