Choi, Jinhee 최진희

  • Marketing
  • Professor
  • Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology, Judgment and Decision Making
  • Room 412 in LG-POSCO bldg.
  • TEL : 02-3290-2620
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  • Ph.D., Behavioral Science, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 2009

  • M.A., Social Psychology, Seoul National University, 2003

  • B.A., Psychology, Seoul National University, 2001


  • ​Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School, 2021
  • Associate Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School, 2014
  • Assistant Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School, 2009
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Choi, Jinhee, Minkyung Koo, and Incheol Choi (2002), “The Effect of Relationship-Serving Perceptions on Relationship Satisfaction: In Case of Marriage Relationship and Parent-Child Relationship,” Korean Journal of Social and Personality Psychology, 16(3), 53-74.


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