Kim, Jaehwan 김재환

  • Marketing
  • Professor
  • Quantitative Marketing/Analytics, Methodology
  • Room 410 in KUBS Main bldg.
  • TEL : 02-3290-2603
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  • Fax : +82-2-922-7220
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  • Ph.D. in Marketing, Ohio State University (2001)
  • M.S. in Statistics, University of Iowa (1997)
  • M.B.A. in Marketing, Korea University (1993)
  • B.B.A. in Business Administration, Korea University (1991)


​Academic Positions
  • 2014.9 - 2015.8    Visiting Fellow, Yale University 
  • 2013.9 - Present   Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School 
  • 2007.9 - 2013.8    Associate Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School 
  • 2004.9 - 2007.8    Assistant Professor of Marketing, Korea University Business School 
  • 2007.9 - 2008.2    Visiting Scholar, University of Colorado at Boulder 
  • 2001.8 - 2004.8    Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Colorado at Boulder 

  • Finalist for John D.C. Little Award for Best Paper, INFORMS (2004) 
  • Finalist for Long Term Impact Award for Best Paper, INFORMS (2011, 2012)
  • Granite Tower Teaching Excellence Award, Korea University   

Professional Services
  • American Marketing Association, INFORMS 
  • Reviewer for Marketing Science, Management Science, International Journal of Research in •Marketing, Journal of Business Research 
  • Reviewer for for AMA Educators' Conference; EMAC Conference
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Journal Publications
  1. Lee, Sanghak, Hyowon Kim, Jaehwan Kim, and Greg M. Allenby (2018) "A Choice Model for Mixed Decision Variables" Journal of Choice Modelling, 28, 1-15.
  2. Moon Young Kang, Byungho Park, Sanghak Lee, Jaehwan Kim, and Greg M. Allenby (2016) "Economic Analysis of Charitable Donations," Journal of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets, 2, 4, 40-57.
  3. Lee, Sanghak, Jaehwan Kim, and Greg M. Allenby (2013) "A Direct Utility Model for Asymmetric Complements" Marketing Science, 32, 3, 454-470. 
  4. Satomura, Takuya, Jaehwan Kim, and Greg M. Allenby (2011) "Multiple-Constraint Choice Models with Corner and Interior Solutions" Marketing Science, 30, 3, 481-490. 
  5. Chandukala, Sandeep, Jaehwan Kim, Thomas Otter, Peter Rossi, and Greg Allenby (2008) "Choice Models in Marketing: Economic Assumptions, Challenges and Trends" Foundations and Trends in Marketing, 2, 2, 97-184. 
  6. Kim, Jaehwan, Greg M. Allenby and Peter E. Rossi (2007) "Product Attributes and Models of Multiple Discreteness," Journal of Econometrics, 138, 208-230. 
  7. Allenby, Greg, Geraldine Fennell, Joel Huber, Tom Eagle, Tim Gilbride, Dan Horsky, Jaehwan Kim, Peter Lenk, Rich Johnson, Elie Ofek, Brian Orme, Thomas Otter, and Joan Walker(2005) "Adjusting Choice Models to Better Preidct Market Behavior," Marketing Letters, vol.16, 3, 197-208 
  8. Kim, Jaehwan, Greg M. Allenby, and Peter E. Rossi(2002), “Modeling Consumer Demand for Variety,” Marketing Science, Summer, Vol. 21, No.3., 229-250. (John D.C. Little Award Finalist for best paper appearing in INFORMS journal in 2002) 
  9. Allenby, Greg M., Neeraj Arora, Chris Diener, Jaehwan Kim, Mike Lotti, and Paul Markowitz(2002), “Distinguishing Likelihoods, Loss Function, and Heterogeneity in the Evaluation of Marketing Models,” Canadian Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 20.1, 44-59. 
Publications in Korean Journals
  1. Choi, Sungjee, Inwoo Nam, and Jaehwan Kim (2020) "Effect of Social Norm on Consumer Demand: Multiple Constraint Approach," Asia Marketing Journal, 22, 1, 41-60
  2. Kim, Byungyeon, Takuya Satomura, and Jaehwan Kim (2017) "A Direct Utility Model with Dynamic Constraint," Asia Marketing Journal,18, 4, 125-138.
  3. Kim, Youngju, Dong Soo Kim, and Jaehwan Kim (2014) "Non-compensatory decision making for movie choice: role of genre and online word of mouth," Journal of Korean Marketing Association, 29, 1-20.
  4. Sangmin Byun, Jaehwan Kim, and Inwoo Nam (2013) "Long Term Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Firm Value Accounting for Marketing and Industry Factors," Korean Management Review, 42, 5, 1289-1313. 
  5. Kim,Youngju and Jaehwan Kim (2013) “Movie Choice under Joint Decision: Reassessment of Online WOM Effects,” Asia Marketing Journal, 15, 1, 155-168. 
  6. Kim, Youngju, Jin-Hwan Kim, Myeng-Ki Kim, and Jaehwan Kim (2012) “Analysis of Preference for Medical Service Attributes accounting for Demand Interdependence,” Journal of Consumption Culture, 15-2, 57-74.
  7. Kim, Jin-Hwan, Jaehwan Kim, and Myeng-Ki Kim (2010) “Development of Dental Services Markets Segmentation and Strategy by Use of Conjoint Analysis,” Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration, 20, 3, 1-20.
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Book Chapters

  • Allenby, Greg M., Jaehwan Kim and Peter E. Rossi (2018) "Economic Models of Choice," in Handbook of Marketing Decision Models, 2nd Ed., Berend Wierenga and Ralf van der Lands, editors, Springer.

  • Kim, Jaehwan (2010), "Variety: Models of Multiple-Discreteness", in Allenby, G.M. and Rossi, P.E. (eds), Bayesian Analysis in Marketing: A breakthrough in customer analytics, The Marketing & Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, London (online at