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[Global CEO Talk] L`oreal…Samuel du Retail

2024.05.13 Views 114 홍보팀

[Global CEO Talk] L'oreal…Samuel du Retail


On May 3rd, Korea University Business School hosted an engrossing L'Oréal CEO Talk session that brought together Global MBA and KMBA students. Conducted in English and Korean, the session featured Samuel du Retail, President of L'Oréal Korea, alongside key members of thecompany's HR team. This event allowed students to gain insights into the company's vision, technological advancements, and career opportunities.



The event began with Samuel sharing insights into L'Oréal's core values, vision of beauty, and the innovative initiatives driving the company's success in the beauty industry. He highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusivity, elaborating on L'Oréal's diverse brand portfolio consisting of 37 brands across four divisions: L'Oréal Luxe, Consumer Products, Dermatological Beauty, and Professional Products, with a significant presence in Korea.


Samuel illustrated the company's innovative and responsive approach to various markets, explaining how L'Oréal often acquires smaller brands and globalizes them while adapting to local trends. Recent acquisitions like 3CE have helped the company expand further into the K-beauty and skincare sectors. The worldwide leader in beauty maintains a strong presence across Western Europe, North America, and the New Markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa-Middle East). In Korea, L'Oréal employs 1,800 people and operates 15 brands, playing a pivotal role in the local beauty market for over 30 years.


He gave the audience a glimpse into the company's global performance metrics for 2023, revealing key figures like growth vs. market (1.4 times the market growth rate), employees worldwide (90,000 people across all regions), and products sold in over 150 countries.


A significant portion of the talk focused on how L'Oréal incorporates technological advancements into its business model, particularly in Korea. Samuel discussed the establishment of the Korean Innovation Center in 2018, leveraging the region's scientific ecosystem to drive research and development. This center allows L'Oréal to focus on personalization, tech for diversity, and sustainability. Technological advancements enable the company to offer tailored skincare regimens while enhancing usability for people with motor skill limitations.



Additionally, L'Oréal strives to be more sustainable by developing products that are less packaging-intensive and promoting refillable and recyclable packaging. The company prioritizes protecting vulnerable communities and is committed to giving back to society by contributing beyond business. This approach motivates employees to go beyond their everyday roles and engage in societal causes.


Samuel mentioned the company's keynote presentation at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) as a demonstration of its commitment to leading in both technology and beauty innovation. L'Oréal was the first beauty company to deliver a keynote at this prestigious event, showcasing its tech-savvy approach to global markets.


The CEO Talk session then transitioned to a panel discussion led by Sunny, who also helped translate between Korean and English for the diverse audience. Alongside Samuel, the panelists included Ji Eun from the HR team, Youngmin from the Supply Chain Management department, and several others from L'Oréal Korea. They shared personal experiences working at the company, offering a glimpse into its inclusive culture. The panel emphasized how L'Oréal values employees based on merit, irrespective of gender, nationality, or background.




Ji Eun described how she was given the opportunity to work on a significant transformation project early in her career, illustrating the company's commitment to empowering employees to take on challenging roles. Youngmin from the Supply Chain Management department at L'Oréal Korea’s Luxe Division, shared his journey from Johnson & Johnson to L'Oréal Korea. He spoke about how the company's dynamic and inclusive environment helped him continuously develop his skills.


During the session, the HR team announced an upcoming internship program that would run from July to January 2025, providing students the chance to apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world business environment. By nurturing new talent through hands-on experience, L'Oréal demonstrates its commitment to shaping future leaders in the industry.


The L'Oréal CEO Talk session at Korea University Business School offered a comprehensive look into the company's values, innovative approach, and global influence. Samuel du Retail and the HR team presented a compelling narrative of how L'Oréal leads the beauty industry by embracing technology, sustainability, and a culture centered on diversity and inclusivity.