"Let`s Embark on a Wonderful Journey Aboard AMP" ... AMP 95th Class Completion

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"Let's Embark on a Wonderful Journey Aboard AMP" ... AMP 95th Class Completion 


The completion ceremony for the 95th class of the Advanced Management Program (AMP) of Korea University Business School (KUBS, Dean=Sang Yong Kim) took place on Monday, August 21st, at the SUPEX Hall of the LG-POSCO Building. Prior to the commencement of this memorable event, attendees enjoyed a heartwarming video presentation showcasing the incredible journey and activities of the 95th class over the past six months. Graduates took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about their experiences, starting from the uplifting entrance ceremony to the enriching overseas training and numerous engaging social events. On this momentous day, a total of 56 students successfully completed the AMP program and joined the proud alumni. 



At the ceremony, esteemed guests, including Dean of KUBS, Sang Yong Kim, the Academic Director, Seokkyun Kim, the President of the AMP Alumni Association, Dongseok Lee, and other distinguished AMP alumni executives, graced the occasion. Dean Kim extended his warm congratulations to the graduates, praising their dedication and hard work despite demanding schedules. He stated, "Congratulations on successfully completing the AMP program, a testament to your unwavering commitment and effort. I have every confidence that you will navigate our rapidly changing society with diligence and collective intelligence." 



The President of the AMP Alumni Association, Dongseok Lee, an alumnus of the 55th class, delivered the following speech: "Through communications with the 95th class, I am excited to witness a new generation joining our AMP program." He also encouraged active participation in alumni association activities.  

Subsequently, the Academic Director, Seokkyun Kim, expressed his gratitude: "I am thankful not only to the AMP 95th class but also to their family, as well as all members of KUBS. It was an honor to serve as your academic director."  

Following this, the President of the 95th class, Hyun Ki Kim, conveyed his gratitude through a speech: "All of you who have been part of the AMP program have given your best. Congratulations on your completion, and let's continue on this wonderful journey together." 



The ceremony was followed by the distribution of certificates of completion and other awards. Certificates of completion were presented to In Jeong Bae and Ji Hwan Hwang as representatives. Awards were given as follows: △Dean’s Award: Hyun Ki Kim △Merit Award: Yoona Kim and 13 others △Exemplary Award: Sung Yong Oh and 25 others △Excellence Award: Young Su Han △Grand Award: Nam Woong Gong and 12 others. Additionally, Group Project Awards were presented to Group 2, Group 3 and Group 1 each receiving the Libertas, Justice and Veritas awards respectively. The Merit Plaque by the Alumni Association was awarded to the President of the 95th class, Hyun Ki Kim and the Secretary General, Nam Woong Gong. 



Lastly, there was an orientation session for new alumni to familiarize them with the AMP Alumni Association. This was followed by alumni joining the association and scholarship donation. The ceremony concluded with a unique performance: graduates threw their graduation caps into the air after singing the school song, marking the memorable end to the AMP 95th class completion ceremony.