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KUBS ITS, Wins Smart Fiber Product Idea Competition

KUBS ITS, Wins Smart Fiber Product Idea Competition     KUBS undergraduates made a great success by winning ‘The 5th 2020 ICT Smart Fiber Product Idea Competition’. It was held by Korea Fiber Export and Import Committee and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The winners were from KUBS academic group ITS(Information Technology Society).   List of first place winners: Team ‘I SUM U’△Boseung Kim(KUBS16, Team Leader), △Suhyeon Kang(KUBS18), △Woojin Yoon(KUBS18), △Heesoo(Media 18). List of second place winners: Team ‘Doctor Sleep’ △Seyeon Choi(KUBS17, Team Leader), Hyejin Lee(Statistics 16), Dayeon Chung(Spanish 19), Yoonseo Chang(Economics 15).   Professor Byungwan Kho, the counsellor of ITS addressed his congratulatory remark, saying “ITS members are continuing great adventures in different kinds of market, by applying cutting-edge digital technologies in real business world. Despite of the difficulties due to the outbreak of COVID-19, their passion and perseverance made a great work. I am very proud of them.”       Winner Interview: Team ‘I SUM U’   1. Please introduce your team’s idea   We developed a bicycle saddle named ‘Saddle Here’, and we used several ICT Smart Fibers in its design and optimized to reduce the pain of bike rider. When a person rides a bike for a long time, they usually suffer from the pain at their hip and back or have some other dermatological issues. There are a considerable number of reasons that trigger the pain, but most of the riders do not have an advanced level of knowledge to figure out the main causes of them.   Therefore, we tried to provide a complete solution for the most riders. We found out that the main causes of the pain come from the height and angle of the bike saddle, or the temperature and humidity. After that, we put a special sensor that might change the forms of saddle according to the rider’s position, so that riders can automatically fit them into the right position.   2. Could you describe the key strategy to win the competition?   At the beginning, we had a hard time discovering a right strategy in this competition because the concept ‘ICT Smart Fiber’ was quite unusual to us. However, we focused in utilizing technology in our daily lives, and we think that was the right strategy for us.   3. How would you describe your current feeling?   Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, we strived to make a great result and we invested a lot of effort every day. At the bottom line, we think it was possible since we studied together in ITS, where members are passionate in combining great technologies with our lives. I would like to thank our team members and the ITS group at the same time.

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90th AMP Entrance Ceremony held

90th AMP Entrance Ceremony held   The 90th AMP Entrance Ceremony was held on October 5th (Mon) at the Supex Hall of the LG-POSCO Building.   The 90th Advanced Management Program (hereinbelow AMP) of KUBS MBA (Dean: Jae Wook Kim) was held at 5 p.m. on October 5th (Monday) at the Supex Hall of LG-POSCO Building. All participants wore a mask and sat on the seats with social distancing during this event due to the COVID-19, and about 26 alumni students who entered the school this semester had their first greetings. In order to celebrate the admission of the 90th class alumni, executives of AMP alumni association, MBA Dean Jae Wook Kim, MBA Associate Dean Weon Sang Yoo, president of the AMP alumni association Kim Moon-chan, AMP professor Bae Bokyung, and other AMP alumni also attended the ceremony.   Welcoming speech by Dean Jae Wook Kim   Dean Jae Wook Kim delivered a welcoming speech by saying, "I sincerely thank you for visiting the school, even more than congratulating your admission," and added, "We have fewer students than usual due to the COVID-19, but I hope this allows you to harden the unity among the 90th class."   Congratulatory remark by president of the AMP alumni association Kim Moon-chan     President of the AMP association Kim Moon-chan said in his congratulatory remark, "I hope this will be an opportunity to meet other alumni, who will closely interact with each other even after graduation."   An introduction of the association and its affiliated organizations by secretary-general of AMP's alumni association Jeon Hyung-sik followed the congratulatory remark, together with a time for association executives to deliver greetings to the students. Afterwards, the event was wrapped up with the singing of the school song as well as a commemorative photograph. Meanwhile, Korea University's AMP program which was founded in 1976 for the first time in Korea with a 45-year-old tradition, boasts a strong network of renowned alumni in each field.      

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KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE Graduation and Starting Ceremony for the 2020 Fall Semester

KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE Graduation and Starting Ceremony for the 2020 Fall Semester   KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE Graduation and Starting Ceremony was held on October 12th (Mon).   The graduation and starting ceremony of the Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) Student Ambassador (KUBE) was held at Hyundai Motor Hall B206 on October 12th (Monday).   The event was hosted by the 12th chairman of KUBE 하지민 (Class of 19) and 12th vice-chairman 서종호 (Class of 17). He introduced his goal of planning and hosting various events and also enhancing the internal and external status of KUBS by supporting and covering official events as a KUBS Student Ambassador.   As it was a period when it was not easy to proceed with events in the previous way due to the COVID-19, the major activity that KUBE conducted in the first semester of 2020 was to deliver the news of KUBS to teenagers, students, and graduates through campus tour filming and YouTube content production. As part of the plan, they organized "2020 Summer Online Campus Tour and Youth Meeting Day" to meet high school students across the country through an online platform. The second semester of 2020 will also be carried out mostly using an online method, with plans for filming campus tour videos and the "2020 Winter Online Campus Tour and Youth Meeting Day."   (From the left) KUBS Associate Dean Joong Hyuk Kim, 11th KUBE 김은수(Class of 19), 이혜영(Class of 17), 김태호(Class of 16), 정혜린(Class of 18), 유다연(Class of 19), 백성현(Class of 19)   Next was the graduation ceremony of the 11th KUBE students. △김은수(Class of 19) △김태호(Class of 16) △백성현(Class of 19) △유다연(Class of 19) △이혜영(Class of 17) △정혜린(Class of 18) received the certification of graduation and an additional prize for finishing their activity for 1 year.   (From the left) KUBS Associate Dean Joong Hyuk Kim, 12th KUBE 박정욱(Class of 20), 이정현(Class of 19), 서종호(Class of 17), 하지민(Class of 19), 정다은(Class of 20), 김원성(Class of 19)   (From the left) KUBS Associate Dean Joong Hyuk Kim, 13th KUBE 최윤정(Class of 20), 이수연(Class of 20), 조영재(Class of 17), 강유민 (Class of 20), 문규리(Class of 19), 지준희(Class of 17)   Certificates of scholarship and appointment were given to the 12th KUBE students who will continue their activity for another semester, and newly selected 13th KUBE students.   "We are grateful for actively participating in public relations through online activities at a time when there were many restrictions on offline activities due to the COVID-19," said Associate Dean Joong Hyuk Kim who attended the ceremony. The event was concluded by his encouragement: “On behalf of Dean Jae Wook Kim, who was unable to attend because of a lecture, I would like to thank the 11th KUBE students and ask them to take good care of the 12th and 13th KUBE students.”   Meanwhile, the main activities of the KUBS Student Ambassador KUBE, which was first launched in 2013 and officially launched in June 2015, include △regular campus tours at KUBS and youth meeting days △KUBS youth mentoring days and △protocol for KUBS events. KUBS highly recognizes the contribution and hard work of KUBE ambassadors and has been providing the KUBE members with the new ‘Scholarship for KUBS Student Ambassador’ since the first semester of 2019.  

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[Startup Institute Lecture Series #5] ‘Impact Investment and Advice for Entrepreneurs’ – Sopoong Ven

 [Startup Institute Lecture Series #5] ‘Impact Investment and Advice for Entrepreneurs’ – Sopoong Ventures Co., Ltd. CEO Han Sang-yeop      The fifth lecture of the Lecture Series, organized by Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) Startup Institute (Director: Hojung Shin), was held on October 13th  (Tue). The Lecture Series is part of the Seung Myung-Ho Center for Entrepreneurship Education, an educational institution within the Startup Institute, and is a lecture by start-up mentors who actively work in the field. The special lecture titled "Impact Investment and Advice for Entrepreneurs" by CEO of Soopoong Ventures Han Sang-yeop, was conducted as a real-time online lecture due to the COVID-19.   Sopoong Ventures Co., Ltd., which CEO Han Sang-yeop has been a representative partner since 2016, makes ‘impact investments.’ Impact investments are investments that focus on social values and takes the form of an existing financial investment but considers what kind social value is created by the firm that receives the investment. CEO Han claims that the identity of Sopoong Venture Co., Ltd isan ‘impact accelerator’. This means that it will not only provide financial investments but also provide support for companies that have received investments to grow and "accelerate."   CEO Han explained that impact investment does not just mean 'good investment'. Impact investments are located above the spectrum between financial and social values, thus setting the balance between the two values can be different for each investor. Also, paying attention to social values does not mean that the rate of returns is falling. The return of return on impact investment is said to be higher than the market average. Due to the characteristics of millennials and Z generation that put high value on social values, impact investment has been growing rapidly not only globally but also in Korea for the recent 1~2 years. As an investor with start-up experience, CEO Han offered advice for prospective entrepreneurs, such as △define the problems and solutions, △set short-term goals, and understand the competitive environment. He then wrapped up his lecture by introducing investment processes that students need to know as a prospective entrepreneur, and standards for evaluating entrepreneurs from the perspective of an impact investor.  

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Notice of 2021 Spring Graduate School Applications ... Fostering researchers with up-to-date knowled

Notice of 2021 Spring Graduate School Applications ... Fostering researchers with up-to-date knowledge and superb research skills     Korea University Graduate School Department of Business Administration is now accepting applications for PhD and MS programs of seven majors and a master’s degree on Business Analytics(BA). There are seven business administration majors: △Management that researches effective and efficient strategies, organizations, leadership and motivation, conflict mediation and control for achieving organizational goals, △International Business which covers strategy development, supply chain management and sustainable management of global firms based on the understanding of international finance and trading environments, △MIS(Management Information Systems) which researches various IT(big data, AI, blockchain, cloud computing, digital platforms etc.) and its usage to create value and solve problems in a rapidly changing digital business environment, △LSOM(Logistics, Service and Operations Management) which aims for rational decision making based on analyzing data and modeling goods/service/production systems using economics, math and statistics, △Marketing which aims to create exchanges that achieves organizational or personal goals by defining and managing markets, △Finance that researches how investors, financial firms, and companies fund capital, manage risks, and further studies how these decisions affect firm value and efficiency of capital allocation based on an understanding the theory of asset preference, △Accounting which valuate and reports firm activities to stakeholders based on the motto that what cannot be measured cannot be managed. Master’s degree, a two year full-time program, requires at least four semesters of registration. Students are required to take at least thirty credits of the course work, eight credits of research guidance courses, passing the foreign language test and comprehensive exam, and pass a thesis to receive a master’s degree. The MS/PhD integrated program are offered those who completed their undergraduate studies. Students must register for at least six semesters and take at least 54 credits of course work and 12-16 credits of research guidance courses. PhD programs are offered to those with a master’s degree, and requires at least four semesters of registration, at least 36 credits of course work, and eight credits of research guidance courses. The MS/PhD integrated program and PhD program both require taking courses that the academic advisor designated, passing the foreign language test and comprehensive exam, passing a thesis and publishing at least one SCI(E) level research to receive the degree. The BA master’s degree is a concentrated, single year program that fosters all-round individuals who are proficient in both theoretical background and analytical skill of data analysis and information extraction, essential in business management in the age of the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation. The BA master’s degree is composed of 6 modules and requires 24 course work credits. A thesis is not required, but participation in a capstone project is necessary.   Process Korean applications Foreigner applications Online Application period Oct.5th(Mon)~Oct.19th(Mon) Sep.7th(Mon)~Sep.18th(Fri) (due) Document reception ~Oct. 20th(Tues) ~Sep. 25th (Fri) Interview Nov. 14th(Sat) Acceptance announcements Dec. 10th (Thur)  (expected date)   Graduate School Department of Business Administration and BA master’s degree applications are separately run for Korean and foreigners. Korean applications are received online from October 5th(Monday) to October 19th (Monday), and original documents of online applications must be submitted by October 20th (Tues). Admission results are planned to be released in December, after interviews on November 14th (Sat). Visit graduate school homepage ( or KUBS homepage( for further details regarding applications. Any inquiries should be made to Office of MS/PhD Programs (02-3290-1363/1365). KUBS Graduate School, Department of Business Administration is contributing to the development in the field of Business by fostering researchers with up-to-date knowledge, excellent research abilities and superb communication skills.  

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CDTB Colloquium Held...LG`s Extensive Innovation Using AI Technology

CDTB Colloquium Held...LG's Extensive Innovation Using AI Technology     The CDTB Colloquium, hosted by Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) and organized by the Center for Digital Transformation & Business (CDTB), was held on September 25 (Friday).   Lee Hwa-young, who is in charge of AI strategy for LG Science Park's AI (Artificial Intelligence) promotion team, was invited as a speaker and the lecture was held under the theme of "LG's Advanced AI Use Cases" through an online platform due to COVID-19. LG Science Park is a convergence research complex where R&D talents from various fields such as electronics, chemistry, bio, and software are gathered in one place, and investment and cooperation are conducted to find startups in key competencies needed for future preparation of LG Group and secure new technologies.    Lee Hwa-young began the lecture by introducing specific improvements made by LG in two main fields of AI: "Fundamental" area that develops machine learning technology in the short term and improve the security and accuracy of AI technology in the long term, and "Applied AI" that applies the technology to various industrial sectors to bring out economic, social and cultural impact.   Lee explained in detail that LG has achieved 'halo effect' by applying deep learning and machine learning technologies in various fields such as new drug development, anti-cancer treatment, product defect check, and customer management, including saving a total of $39 million annually in battery field based on artificial intelligence technology.   Moreover, Lee emphasized LG has focused on the fact that Google, which has a leading position in Machine Reading Completion (technology for listening to human questions and finding answers in unstructured documents and answering them correctly), is vulnerable to the Korean language field, and introduced examples of LG beyond Google in the Korean language field by applying 400 million data sets of Korean sentences.   After the lecture, the Q&A session was held. One question was about the concern of job problems caused by AI. Lee replied, "If existing simple, repetitive, work-oriented jobs are replaced by AI, new types of jobs will be created, which will greatly offset the decline." He also mentioned that in the medical sector, AI technology can significantly improve productivity and improve work environment satisfaction as AI and automation technologies replace dangerous manual and emotional labor, by providing relative examples of LG's accomplishments.   At the end of the special lecture, Lee Hwa-young said, "If you think about how to effectively integrate AI into business administration, and study math and statistics at the same time, you can become a better business student," stressing the steady interest in related areas.   Meanwhile, Korea University Business School established CDTB in 2019 to serve as a platform for connecting industry-academic research and leading the era of digital transformation in education and research, and is planning and conducting special lectures.  

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KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 55th CPA Examination…. No.1 for 5 consecutive years

KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 55th CPA Examination…. No.1 for 5 consecutive years   Korea University produced the largest number of successful applicants in the 55th CPA examination. Total of 127 Korea University students have finally passed the second round of 2020 55th CPA Exam for Certified Public Accountants which was held on June 27 (Sat)-28 (Sun). This achievement reaffirms KU’s position as the best institute for nurturing certified public accountants, with the highest cumulative numbers for 5 consecutive years since 2016.     Korea University has produced a total of 127 successful CPA candidates in the 55th CPA exam, which was followed by Yonsei University with 106, Chung-Ang University with 103, Sungkyunkwan University with 98 and Kyung Hee University with 85. (Source: Korean University Newspaper's September 11th press release) In the first round of the exam held in February, Korea University also had an outstanding performance as it was the only university with more than 200 successful applicants, with 240 students passing the first round. Korea University reaffirmed its status as the best institute for nurturing CPA by widening the gap between second place in the final exam (more than 20), and producing a total of 127 successful applicants, up 18 from 2019.   These laudable achievements were made possible by the support of the university. Korea University Business School (KUBS) runs a CPA prep program called “Jeongjincho (精進礎, Advisor=Professor Han Sang Yi). Jeongjincho conducts entrance exams three times a year to select 69 students in order of exam results, and anyone enrolled in Korea University can apply regardless of their major. Jeongjincho provides separate spaces, monthly mock tests, online lecture fees, and mentoring programs with senior successful applicants so that students can focus on CPA study.     >> Introduction of Jeongjincho    

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[Startup Institute Lecture Series #4] “The Innovation of Laundry makes the Innovation of Food, Cloth

[Startup Institute Lecture Series #4] “The Innovation of Laundry makes the Innovation of Food, Clothing, and Shelter” – Laundrygo CEO Cho Sung-woo   The fourth lecture of the Lecture Series, organized by Korea University Business School (Dean: Jae Wook Kim) Startup Institute (Director: Hojung Shin), was held on September 22nd (Tue). The Lecture Series is part of the Entrepreneurship Academy hosted by the Seung Myung-Ho Center for Entrepreneurship Education - an educational institution within the Startup Institute, and is a lecture conducted by start-up mentors working in the field. This lecture was titled "The Innovation of Laundry makes the Innovation of Food, Clothing, and Shelter," and was delivered by Cho Sung-woo, CEO of Laundrygo. It was conducted as a real-time online lecture due to the COVID-19.   CEO Cho Sung-woo has been operating a mobile laundry service called 'Laundrygo' since 2018. "The change in laundry can even bring about innovation in the living space," CEO Cho said, explaining the company's name and the meaning of the lecture title. If the laundry service is activated, it can replace the space occupied by washing machines and drying racks in the living space.   Cho introduced his experience in running the social commerce "Dumb n Dumbers" in the past, naturally sharing his episodes of failure. Cho's episode gives the message that various experiences, regardless of failure or success, could eventually lead to new business ideas. The business idea of Laundrygo also came from a happening in which all of his belongings were stolen from a trip to the United States, but except his laundry.   Laundrygo is the start of untact laundry services and a new generation of the laundry business, Cho said. As the third-generation laundry business that connects the first and second generations of the local laundry industry with the franchise laundry, it has a total of five core competitiveness: △mobile laundry service, △untact delivery, △smart factory, △all-in-one service, and △subscription economy. Unlike the previous generation of laundry, Laundrygo does not rely on offline stores, so full online services can be maintained at no additional cost. In addition, all services will be carried out without any contact using ‘Laundlet', a smart laundry collection box developed by the company. Smart factory reduces the cost of washing and keeps the quality of washing process consistently. Laundrygo will implement an "all-in-one service" that will unify the laundry space that had been dispersed to laundry, coin laundry, and home etc. by providing various services such as water washing as well as dry cleaning. Lastly, the company is making excellent use of the subscription economy by offering various price systems according to various lifestyles.   In addition, the company uses eco-friendly vinyl clothing, and also enforces eco-friendly policies such aas collecting clothing covers and hangers from customers, while recycling and reusing them. Moreover, the company is seeking ways to accumulate big data on people's actual medical lives through laundry and utilize them in various ways in the fashion industry. Lastly, Cho wrapped up his lecture by presenting two phrases: "Don't lose your original intention" and "Pursue your mission, not the trend."  

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2021 KUBS MBA Admissions Open

2021 KUBS MBA Admissions Open     Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) is now accepting applications for 2021 Part-time MBA admissions. Admissions are open for 3 MBA programs: △Executive MBA △Korea MBA △Finance MBA A program for managers and executives with more than 10 years of experience, the Executive MBA program will be on weekends (Friday-Saturday) and will last for two years. As it consists of approximately 55 CEOs and executives representing each field, two professors and a full-time program manager will help any academic affairs. Exclusive classrooms and lounges will also be provided. In particular, KUBS Executive MBA ranked 27th in the "100 Executive MBA Rankings in the World" by Financial Times (UK) in 2019, maintaining the country's No. 1 throne for the ninth consecutive year while competing proudly with other global MBA programs. (Admission Inquiries: 02-3290-2705)   Korea MBA (hereinbelow K-MBA), which boasts the long tradition of KUBS and the best human network, is a two-year part-time program for office workers, with classes taking place in the evening. Aiming to foster an international level of managers specialized in Korean companies, it actively researches and develops business cases for managerial innovation in Korean companies. Each year, about 190 students are selected through a rigorous selection process. K-MBA program will offer learning opportunities for eight majors including HR, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, LSOM, MIS, International Management and Strategic Management, with self-organized alumni association and student clubs in various fields. (Admission Inquiries: 02-3290-1360) Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) program which fosters professionals in finance is a two-year part-time program that trains specialized expertise in finance including general theories of business. The basic theories on finance will be taught by KUBS professors, and practical subjects such as asset management, financial engineering and insurance will be taught by working-level experts in the industry, so that they can be used directly in the field of business. In particular, in line with the rapidly changing environment with the development of information technology, KUBS also provides courses on programming subjects (R and Python) or Big Data/Machine Learning. (Admission Inquiries: 02-3290-1308)     The admissions for 2021 began with admission briefing sessions for each course. The admission briefing session, which was converted to online due to the COVID-19, was conducted in the order of introduction of the Graduate School of Business, explanation of the course, and Q&A. Submission of online applications, which began Sept. 21, will close at 5 p.m. on Oct. 23 (Friday), and documents requiring submission must be mailed or visited by 10 p.m. on Oct. 23 (Friday). Based on the documents received within the period, the first round of successful applicants will be selected for each course, and the final successful applicants will be announced from November to December by conducting an interview.   >> MBA Admission (Click)

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2020 Data Utilization Contest held

2020 Data Utilization Contest held     KUBS(Dean=Kim Jae Wook) and the Center for Digital Transformation & Business hosted the ‘2020 Data Utilization Contest.’ The contest was held to strengthen the students’ abilities to identify problems and also create common ground among school members about Digital Transformation(DT). In the  2020 Data Utilization Contest, participants suggest creative business models and ideas to solve problems that companies face, by utilizing public and company provided data. Among many students passionate about DT, eight teams were selected after strict evaluation. Each team consisted of undergraduates and graduate students of Korea University, with at least more than one student enrolled in KUBS. Project topics include △Online shopping mall automization (SoKeulBuckJeok) △AI music recommendation system (Cloud Sound) △Lodging determinants (Kwangdong Soosan) △Improving startup consulting model (T.O.P) △Predicting highway weak points(miMO △Early disease diagnosis(Data-minator) △Predicting break-even point of one person startups(Startup) △Administration chatbot(Emba) etc. Each team works on the project with an academic advisor by reporting its progress and receives feedback from a coaching group. They will be evaluated on the service’s level of completion and its practicality in the finals held in January 2021. The winning team will receive prizes. KUBS participated in the 2nd year of KU innovative support business, and devised ‘Model for Problem-solving Digital Transformation in Business(DTB).’ DTB is a business strategy that fundamentally changes a company’s strategy, organization, process, business model, culture, communication, and systems based on various digital changes.

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Executive MBA ELITE Project Presentation held after eight months of effort

Executive MBA ELITE Project Presentation held after eight months of effort The ELITE Project Presentation was held while participants wore masks and kept social distancing policies.   The KUBS(Dean=Jae-wook Kim) Executive MBA(E-MBA)’s ELITE Project Presentation was held on August 8th(Saturday), in the Supex Hall of the LG-POSCO building.   The ELITE Project is KU E-MBA’s unique course. Students research about pending issues of corporate sponsors, suggest related problems and solve practical problems with external specialists through this course. Chief professor Chun Jae Uk, chief professor Yoo Yong Keun, project instructor Yoo Shijin and Lee Jae-Nam attended the presentation, along with 79 graduate students attending by both offline and online platforms. President of E-MBA alumni association Choi Sang Ho and FMASSOCIATES, in charge of project consulting, CEO Shin Jae Wook and Vice President Kim Kwang Woo also attended.   “This is an opportunity to apply what you have learned during the previous three semesters to real business environments and explore the implementation potentials. Despite differences in completion, each project is valuable and I hope you take pride in it. We applaud all the graduate students who tried their best,” Chief professor Chun Jae Uk said before the presentations started.   The 17th wave of E-MBA graduate students presented their projects of eight month for forty minutes in six groups. The topics of each team’s presentation were △Youth talent sharing housing platform business model △Electric car theater system: strategy for electric car option business using OLED display △Encouraging donation culture within daily life through online donation platforms △Golf optional services using drones △Revenue creation for character businesses using One-Source Multi-Use strategy △Innovation in daily shipping service, Chable etc.   Each project was evaluated by chief professors, consulting firms and fellow students according to △suitability of topic and content △quality of research and analysis △presentation skills. △ Innovation in daily shipping service, Chable was selected for the grand prize, while △ Encouraging donation culture within daily life through online donation platforms △ Revenue creation for character businesses using One-Source Multi-Use strategy were selected to receive the top prizes.   “They were very interesting studies, and I am proud of the work they have done amidst their busy academic and professional life,” President of E-MBA alumni association Choi Sang Ho said.   KU E-MBA provides the ELITE project to view internal problems and changes in business theory viewpoints and provide the opportunity for students to participate in practical problem solving. The objective is to develop students to be a ‘decision-maker with independent thinking’ and to share individually-earned knowledge, analysis and solutions with other students.

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2020 Summer KUBS Online Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students

2020 Summer KUBS Online Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students 2020 Summer KUBS Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students was held by online.   Organized by Korea University Business School (hereinbelow KUBS) (Dean= Jae Wook Kim), the "2020 Summer KUBS Online Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students (hereinbelow campus tour)” was held on Saturday, August 8. The regular campus tour, hosted by the KUBS management support team and the student ambassador Cube (hereinbelow KUBE), has usually been held in May, but it was postponed once due to Corona 19, and then was switched to an online format. The event, which was held using Zoom, was attended by 155 high school students from across the country who were selected through high competition rates. Regular campus tours were arranged in the order of △ introduction of KUBS △introduction of seven majors and three tracks in business administration △online campus tours △question-and-answer sessions, providing high school students with an opportunity to increase their interest and understanding of business administration. Kim Eun-soo (Business ‘19), the 11th president of KUBE, said, "Although we were in a chaotic situation due to Corona 19, we thank our high school friends for their cooperation," and added, "We hope that the situation will improve as soon as possible and we can meet again offline again." Students who participated in the regular campus tour said through a satisfaction survey, "I participated in the event due to concerns about my career and questions about business administration, and today I could resolve both concerns," and went on, "I could not only gain information related to business administration but also was motivated to apply to KUBS through this program." Meanwhile, KUBS is holding annual events for teenagers to help high school students set their careers and plan their studies. The "Regular Campus Tour and Meeting Day for High School Students " to be held in spring and autumn will be provide campus tours and mentoring sessions with KUBS seniors, while the "High School Students Mentoring Day" to be held during the vacation will provide special lectures on business administration by professors in KUBS and training sessions for small group management.

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Programming Boot Camp: Python Web Crawling Course

Programming Boot Camp: Python Web Crawling Course   Programming Boot Camp was held for the students who need reinforcements about basic studies of statistics and analysis.   Hosted by Korea University Business School (KUBS) and supervised by Center for Digital Transformation & Business (hereinafter CDTB), the Programming Boot Camp was held from August 3rd (Mon) to 7th (Fri) at Hyundai Motor Hall both. This Boot Camp was a 'Python Web Crawling Course' which focused on the practical use of Python grammar and arithmetic learning. CDTB took pre-applications for the camp, and among them, faculty members and MS/PhD students were given an option to participate either online or offline, and other undergraduate, MBA students and staff members were able to participate only online in order to cope with COVID-19.   The course lasted for a total of 15 hours from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. every day from Monday to Friday. Lectures on Python basic grammar were given in the first period, and Web Crawling practice was conducted using websites and data in the second period. Since the Boot Camp was started as part of a combination of technology and management in line with the digital transformation era, this course was also aimed at making it easier for students not majoring in computer science to utilize data.   In the first day, Professor Baeho Kim (Associate Dean for Research) gave an introduction about the lecturer and welcoming greeting. He said, "I would like to thank Joon-kyu Park, the CEO of D'sight (Company Programmed Education Institution) for taking the time to give a special lecture despite of his busy schedule." He also added, "I hope that this will be a good opportunity to learn about Python Web Crawling for more than 150 online participants as well as graduate school students who attend this course offline."   Joon-kyu Park, the CEO of D’sight, who gave the lecture for Boot Camp   In the first class on Monday, the lecture was composed of introducing factors to use Python (△integer △float △str) and describing two types out of the four data structures of Python (△List and △Dictionary). In the second class, the lecture was held on the basics of web crawling using the Daum ( search engine. And students learned about split, replace, format, and append etc. in the first class on Tuesday, and studied how to save the data collected through web crawling by categorize on the Excel program and how to control web pages using the Selenium in the second class.   In the first class on Wednesday, students made a simple number game using the random function and the 'while' phrase, and utilized the function def. In the second period, they practiced web crawling through the Selenium and various ways of making data collected into a combined data. On Thursday's first class, classes on how to combine multiple data and calculate the total and average of numerical data were conducted. In the second class, time for individual practice and questions was provided.   In the last course on Friday, students learned about organizing multiple data in a table and arranging numerical data by ascending and descending. And how to utilize Open API was also practiced with analyzing actual data and making graphs as they want to describe. The lecturer, Joon-kyu Park, said, "I hope you continue to use what you have learned for the last five days," and ended the lecture by adding "Please make effective use of Naver cafe 'JK’s IT Study' for questions and supplementary learning."   The five-day 'Python Web Crawling Course' attracted a lot of interests from students. The average daily attendance was 181 people (an average of 147 online and 34 offline), with active participation through not only offline classrooms but also online chatting rooms. This shows that members of KUBS have high academic passion towards the use of data in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the future, KUBS CDTB will continue to hold the Boot Camp using vacation periods.  

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CDTB Colloquium -Phillips Korea seeking ‘a better way for healthcare’ through Digital Transformation

CDTB Colloquium – Phillips Korea seeking ‘a better way for healthcare’ through digital transformation     CDTB Colloquium: Phillips Korea guest lecture was held at LG-POSCO SUPEX Hall.   The CDTB Colloquium was held on July 22nd (Wed) at LG-POSCO SUPEX Hall, hosted by KUBS (Dean=Jae-wook Kim) and organized by the Center for Digital Transformation & Business (CDTB). The guest speaker of this lecture, Hyo-seok Kim (Head of Monitoring Analytics & Therapeutic Care and Solutions, Philips Health Systems), gave a lecture on ‘Healthcare Digital Transformation & Smart Hospital.’ Dean and Director of CDTB, Jae-wook Kim, Vice Director of CDTB, Byeong-cho Kim, Associate Dean, Chris Chang-wha Cung, Associate Dean, Bae-ho Kim and 35 pre-registered students attended the lecture, while all of them were wearing masks and keeping social distancing. And 38 students attended the lecture via online platform as well. Prior to the welcoming speech, Jae-wook Kim introduced Seung-hyun Yoo, a professor of endocrinology of Korea University Anam Hospital. He said “I once again realize that the digital transformation is not an issue related only to Business Administration. By interdisciplinary collaboration, I hope Korea University will become a cradle educating talented youths that will lead the digital transformation age.”   The lecture was comprised of two sessions introducing the overall healthcare industry and collaborative treatment methods for COVID-19 patients. In the first session, he emphasized the four crucial issues of the healthcare industry, which are △improving treatment results △convenient hospital experience of the patient’s guardians △improving the quality of life for medical staff △reducing medical costs. Due to aging and increasing chronic illnesses, he predicted a lack of medical staff and explained that digitization of treatment is necessary. In the second session, he emphasized that collaborative treatment among hospital networks using patient surveillance equipment should be activated in treating COVID-19 patients. He showed the foreign cases of collaborative treatment contributing to management of COVID-19 patient and explained that the lack of medical staff could be supplemented through this system.   During the Q&A session followed the lecture, as a response to the question about how the development of the medical technology industry will affect consumers, he answered, “patients and guardians are taking more preventive and detailed treatment through the healthcare industry”.  “Smart hospitals are contemplating the requests of introducing application to manage treatments and payment processes more easily, and continuous attention is needed for improving the system”, he added. And he finished the lecture by asking to keep an eye on the related industries.   Meanwhile, KUBS founded the Center for Digital Transformation & Business (CDTB) in 2019 as a platform to lead the digital transformation era and promote connection between industry, university, and institute. CDTB is planning to carry out various special lectures on DT.

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