Dean's Activities (October 1 - October 31)

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October 1 (Mon)
  • KUBS Faculty Leadership Meeting
  • Consultation with former president of EMBA Alumni Association Yeo-dong Yoon and donated three-thousand KRW.
  • Participated in KUBE (Korea University Business School Student Ambassador) 7th generation disbanding ceremony and starting ceremony for the 9th generation.

Ocotober 2 (Tue)
  • ​Meeting with KUBS Area Chairs
  • Participated in ‘Grow With GS x KITA Startup Gathering’ 
October 4 (Thu)
  • Consulation with CEMS Reviewer Team
  • Luncheon with KUBS New Joiner staffs ​
  • Meeting with General Manager of 'Binggrae' Marketing Department
  • Banquet with CEMS Reviewer Team
October 4 (Thu) - October 5 (Fri)
  • Participated in CEMS Reviw Visit
October 5 (Fri) - October 6 (Sat)
  • Pariticpated in 2018 Annual Tournament between Korea University and Yonsei University.

October 8 (Mon)
  • KUBS Faculty Leadership meeting
October 9 (Tue)
  • Consultation with Professor Fukukawa from Hitotsubashi University
October 10 (Wed)
  • Participated in meeting selecting 'Alumni of Year 2018'
  • Banquet with Donors from 'Samjong Accounting Firm' and 'Anjin Accounting Firm'
October 11 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with KUBS Professors
  • Faculty Meeting
October 12 (Fri)
  • Luncheon with KUBS faculty members
October 15 (Mon)
  • KUBS Faculty Leadership Meeting
October 16 (Tue)
  • Signed MOU with KUBS Startup Institute and  Korea University Center for Law & Creativity 
  • ​Meeting with KUBS Area Chairs
  • Faculty Meeting
  • Meeting with Successor Dean for smoothe transition of duties
  • Banquet with Professors from KAIST Business School
October 17 (Wed)
  • Faculty Meeting
  • Meeting with Academic Affairs Committee
  • Participated in Unified-Graduate School Committee
  • Banquet with Deans of Humanities & Liberal arts
October 18 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with KUBS Faculties
October 19 (Fri)
  • Participated in Declaration Ceremony of Sudang Samyang Faculty House 
  • Luncheon with Wash U Inbound Exchange Students
  • Hosted a meeting for 'Presentation ceremony of KUBS scholarship' for 2nd semester of 2018 

October 20 (Sat)- October 24 (Wed)
  • Gave a speech in Shanghai Jiao Tong University '7th International Business School Shanghai Conference (IBSSC)'
October 25 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with Representative of KUBS Alumni Association Mong-Won Jung
  • Banquet with KUBS MBA Program Area Chairs 
Ocotber 26 (Fri)
  • Hiring Interview for KUBS Faculty
October 29 (Mon)
  • Meeting with KUBS Faulty Members
October 29 (Mon) - November 1 (Thu)
  • Gave a speech in AACSB Asia Pacific Annual Conference