Dean's Activities (March 1- March 31)

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March 3 (Sat)
  • The 85th Advanced Management Program (AMP) Orientation Day
March 5 (Mon)
  • Business School Leadership Team Meeting
  • The 85th Advanced Management Program (AMP) Entrance Ceremony
 March 6 (Tue)
  • Meeting with Office of Admissions
  • Ceremony for Donation by Deloitte Korea and Luncheon event
 March 7 (Wed)
  • Attended  committe for Korea's Enterpreneur Award, Korea Management Association
  • Attended  Academic Affairs Committee Meeting
  • Meeting with Visiting Professor Ki-Hong Park / President of POSCO Energy 
  • Ceremony for granting a certificate of appointment and luncheon with new academic staffs
 March 8 (Thu)
  • Meeting with administrative staffs
  • Faculty meeting
  • Beginning of Semester Party for New International Students
 March 9 (Fri)
  • Interview for BK21 Plus research professors
  • The Samsung Electronics MBA Advanced Program Completion Ceremony

 March 12 (Mon)
  • Luncheon with President of Korea University
  • Business School Leadership Team Meeting
 March 13 (Tue)
  • KUBS Area Chairs' Meeting
  • Consultation with students
 March 14 (Wed)
  • Meeting with KUBS Faculty
  • Meeting with head of Startup Institute
  • Meeting with staffs with regard to the publication of MY KUBS
 March 15 (Thu)
  • Meeting with staffs regarding contributions
  • Meeting with Dong-Ki Shin, Vice President of [ELAND Group] invited for 「Special Lecture by Global CEO」
  • Meeting with 4 participated students in the internship program, ‘Korean Hosting Team’ organized by Sebang Travel
 March 16 (Fri)
  • Entrance Ceremony for 102nd Management Studies Program
 March 19 (Mon)
  • Meeting with KUBS Leadership Team
  • Dinner with presidents of KUBS alumni associations: Mong-Won Chung (undergraduate), Dong-Ki Shin (Former president of Korea MBA), Seung-Hyun Lee (Executive MBA)
 March 20 (Tue)
  • Luncheon with Fall 2017 Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance
  • Dinner with Adjunct Professor Jyh-ping Chang
 March 21 (Wed)
  • Luncheon with Fall 2017 Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance
  • Academic Affairs Committee Meeting 
  • Special lecture for Management Studies Program
 March 22 (Thu)
  • Ceremony for donation by Min-Woong Yoon, KUBS Alumni
  • Meeting with Jung-Ho Kim, CEO of Bear Better Company invited for  「Special Lecture by Global CEO」
 March 23 (Fri)
  • Staff meeting on contributions
  • Meeting with Associate Dean
 March 26 (Mon)
  • KUBS Leadership Team meeting
  • Commencement ceremony for 8th KUBE
  • Meeting with AMP program directors and associate directors
 March 27 (Tue)
  • KUBS Area Chairs' Meeting
 March 28 (Wed)
  • Attended 212nd Management Studies Program, KUBS CEO Academy
  • Meeting with Deans- College of Political Science and Economics, College of Liberal Arts and School of Law 
  • Meeting with IBRE Director
  • Attended a presentation for MBA advertisement agency selection
 March 29 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with former president of alumni association MSP, Jin-Hyun Lee
  • Meeting with Seon-Yong Lee, CEO of Bear Tree Park invited for  「Special Lecture by Global CEO」
 March 31 (Sat)
  • Korea MBA workshop for commencing students