[2021-2 Semester] Instruction on Application for Foreign Language Test Exemption for Graduate Thesis

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[2021-2 Semester] Exemption from Foreign Language Test for Graduate School Thesis Qualification


★ Students who are planning to have their thesis evaluated must apply for test exemption within the following period.

If you do not get receive exemption within the period, you will not be eligible to apply for thesis evaluation this semester.

★ Foreign language test exemption is managed by the graduate school administration office. For further inquiries and graduates from English-speaking countries, please contact at 02.3290.1351.


Based on Chapter 4, Article 38 of the Constitution & the Internal Regulations of the Graduate School, KUBS is now accepting applications for exemption from Foreign Language Exam to submit a dissertation.


1. Eligibility : MS, PhD and Integrated MS & PhD Programs

(You may apply for the exemption from the first semester at school, and once approved, you are not required to take a foreign language test again.)


2. Application Period : 2021.09.13(Mon) ~ 2021.09.23(Thu) (Requests for exemption after the application period will not be considered.)



3. How to Apply

A. Official Language Proficiency Test Score Report

: ▷ KUPID 로그인 - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 외국어시험 면제신청 (available on the Korean KUPID only, upload your test score report.)

* Your test score must be valid for 2 years since the test date.


B. Exemption application is not needed if you earn a grade of B or above in the language course (including Korean) offered by KU Institute of Foreign Language Studies or if you pass the school’s Graduation Qualification English Test

 (check your results on the Korean portal: KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 합격내역조회).


C. For those who graduated university in an English-speaking country

     Upload a scanned copy of your diploma as an attachment ( KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 외국어시험 면제신청 )


4. Release Date of Exemption Results : 2021.10.15(Fri)

(Check your results on the Korean portal: KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 합격내역조회)


5. Additional Notes

A. Students entering in March 2018 and later must check out the exemption criteria table as the passing scores for Germany have been changed.


B. Official Language Proficiency Test Score Report must be valid for 2 years since the test date.

(the test report submitted for admission is not valid after 2 years.)


C. Exemption standard for the new TEPS is  based on the score conversion table from TEPS Committee.


D. After uploading your test report of IELTS, TestDaf, or ZMP and your diploma, you must submit the official test score report at the Graduate School Administration Office (without the official document, your exemption application will not be completed).


E. If you have completed the Korean Language Regular Program, apply for exemption along with your transcript (Institute of Foreign Language Studies Website:


F. Please refer to the attached file (면제신청 입력 예시.xlsx) when entering your information online. 


G. Only the 7th graduation qualification English test (scheduled October 2) results and the completion of the 2021 summer semester substitute language course will be counted in the 2012-2 semester dissertation examination.