Notices of the Comprehensive Exam for the fall semester 2021

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Notice of Comprehensive Exam for the Fall of 2021


1. Types of Exam (Exemptions from Comprehensive Exam is abolished)

A. Written Test : Three and more subjects for those who are in the Master’s degree program, and four and more subjects for the Doctoral degree program as well as the Integrated Master and Ph.D. degree program
B. Oral Test : The test will be conducted in accordance with internal regulations of each department considering major and dissertation
※ More details on exams of each department need to be referred to revised plan for comprehensive exam, or be asked to the head of the department.

※ Even if you are taking the master's oral exam, you must apply for the comprehensive exam through the portal and submit the attached application form and official transcript together with the administratvie office. (Otherwise, it will not be accepted.)


2. Exam Qualification

A. Master’s degree program: Those who acquired 12 or more credits, and received 3.0 or higher GPA

B. Doctoral degree program: Those who acquired 21 or more credits, and received 3.0 or higher GPA

C. Integrated Master and Ph.D. degree program: Those who acquired 30 or more credits, and received 3.0 or higher GPA

※ Only major subjects are counted as necessary credits. (Research Guidance, prerequisite or advisor designated courses are not counted)
Regardless of language exam result, students can take the comprehensive exam.
※ Department can limit students from taking comprehensive exam when those students should finish prerequisite or advisor designated courses. Students studying in the department need to check the requirements before applying for the comprehensive exam.


3. Application Form Issue and Submission

A. Period: September 1st(Wed.) ~ 3rd(Fri.)

B. Place: Online application and administration office (Business main building room 304)

C. Method : Both Online and Offline are required.

    (1) Online application

        Online application : KUPID → Registration&Graduation → Application/Verification for exams →Application for Comprehensive Exam

    (2) Offline submission

        application form(attached below) + official transcript

※ Applicants need to fill in all blanks in the form, and should get signature from advisor and the head of the department before submission.

※ If the number of subjects you are applying for exceeds 5 subjects, please select “Other” and enter the excess subjects.


4. Time and Place of Written Test

A. The test will be conducted between September 23(Thu.) ~ September 30(Thu.). (It will be announced later)

B. Place : it will be announce later.


5. Announcement of Successful Applicants
    A. Applicants who pass the comprehensive exam will be announced at 2:00pm on October 14 (Thu.).

B. Check the results of the test on the KUPID.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. (