[MBA]Eco-work system for (Shortened working hours) 2021 Summer Break

2021.06.28 Views 831 국제실

Eco-work system will take place during 2021 Summer Break. Please note that Shortened working hours have been changed to Eco-work system.


1. Intention

Starting from this summer break, Korea University has changed Shortened working hours to Eco-work system and will implement appropriate working methods to abide to the school’s ESG(Environmental, Social and Governance) management philosophy, and share the ‘educational’ and ‘socially contributional’ goal of campus energy conservation.


2. Eco-work system period: June 22nd(Tue) ~ August 9th(Mon), 2021  (7 weeks)


3. Eco-work system working hours

Prior to change

After change

○ Morning working team 10:00~17:30

○ Afternoon working team 9:00~16:30

○ All departments 10:00~17:00



June 17th, 2021


Vice President for Administration and Finance