[MBA][K/F MBA] Notice for students taking On-Campus final exams

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Notice for students taking On-Campus final exams



◇ Test supervisors are advised to strictly observe personal quarantine precautions before and after each test.

· Frequently wash your hands for at least 30 seconds and daily disinfect personal items where large droplets can settle.

· When coughing, cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve.

· Refrain from attending unnecessary events and meetings other than tests and lectures


◇ COVID-19 confirmed patients* and quarantined individuals** are not permitted to take the test.

* A person who has been confirmed to be infected with the infectious disease pathogen according to the diagnostic testing standard, regardless of clinical manifestations

** Pursuant to Article 41-3 of the INFECTIOUS DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION ACT, persons in quarantine, etc. are not permitted to take exams on campus. Anyone who violates the relevant laws and regulations may be punished by imprisonment or fines according to the INFECTIOUS DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION ACT.

*** Those who are in quarantine after receiving a ‘Notification of Inpatient Treatment’ or a ‘Containment Notice’ from the health authorities and COVID-19 confirmed patients can request that the failure(s) be excused and credits granted in accordance with Articles 69 and 70 of the Academic Management Regulations.


◇ Please refrain from taking the tests if you have traveled recently to locations, whether domestic or internationally that have had confirmed cases or if you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat.


◇ If there is an unavoidable situation in which an infected individual cannot physically attend to take a test due to domestic/overseas travel restrictions and the manifestation of COVID-19 symptoms, grades can be recognized through the substitution of assignments other than the Recognition of Excuse for Failure to Take Examinations at the discretion of the professor in charge of the subject.


◇ When a student exhibiting symptoms that resemble COVID-19 due to underlying health conditions (respiratory disease, asthma, etc.) expresses an intention to take the on-campus exam in person, students will be allowed to do so on condition that documentation (physician’s assessment, etc.) is submitted confirming that the symptoms are unrelated to COVID-19 and the condition is not an infectious disease transmittable to others.


◇ Please plan to arrive early as slight delays in entering the test location are expected due to the administration of temperature checks and identification verification.

 As the examination station located outside (central plaza, Minju Plaza, Central Library etc.) has cloased as of June 10 due to the high temperature, all faculty, staff, and students must check their body temperature at the entrance of the building. (Those with no mask  cannnot enter the building.)


◇ Please cooperate by momentarily lowering your mask to identify yourself during the identification verification process conducted by the test supervisors (professor and teaching assistant) before and after the test.


◇ If a student exhibits symptoms such as fever or coughing during the test, the test may be halted and may be conducted by moving the student to a separate exam room.


◇ A mask must be worn at all times in the test location and non-wearers will not allowed to enter the room.

* Carrying an extra mask in the event of loss or damage during use is recommended.

** Please refrain from disposing used masks or tissues in the test location and individually carry them out in your bag.


◇ Please maintain a distance of more than 1m from other individuals even when moving between test locations and during break time, and refrain from unnecessary conversation and physical contact (handshake, etc.).


◇ In the test location, please avoid unnecessary contact with objects other than test sheets, answer sheets and writing instruments.


◇ During the final exam period, please be careful not to damage the temporary partitions installed in the exam hall.


◇ If a student does not comply with the following measures, the examination supervisor (professor and teaching assistant) may immediately demand the offender to leave the room.


· Failure to comply without reason with prevention measures prior to entering the test location including temperature check and identification verification

· Removing one’s mask without being instructed to do so by the supervisor

· Any other action that the supervisor deems to be detrimental to the other students


◇ Students who have cheated or plagiarized in connection with exams and various submissions may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the University Student Discipline Regulations. In addition, students who conspire with or assist in cheating or plagiarism may also be subject to disciplinary action.