Dean's Activities (December 1- December 31)

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December 2 (Sun)
  • KUBS Management Faculty meeting 
December 3 (Mon)
  • KUBS work report meeting (MBA, Budget)
  • KUBS Faculty meeting
  • Attended Korea MBA Alumni Association Night of the Year End
December 4 (Tue)
  • KUBS work report meeting (Graduate School, Public Relations Department)
  • Consultation with Newly-Elected Student President
  • Meeting with KUBS Area chairs
December 5 (Wed)
  • Attended Committee for Academic Affairs meeting
  • Lectured for 102th Business Research Prgram 
December 6 (Thu)
  • Temporary Management meeting
  • Attended Start-up Legal support MOU signing ceremony
  • Attended 38th KUBS Alumni Meeting
December 7 (Fri) - December 10 (Mon)
  • Attended CEMS Annual Events & Graduation Ceremony
December 11 (Tue)
  • KUBS Management Faculty meeting
  • Luncheon with Dae-joong Kim, president of Garak construction
  • Meeting with KUBS Area chairs
  • Consultation with KUBS faculties
December 12 (Wed)
  • Meeting of entire KUBS Professors
  • Attended 31st Best Business Award rewarding ceremony & Year End party 
December 13 (Thu)
  • Interview for new recruits as faculty members of KUBS
  • Meeting with Vice Dean of Business School of Melbourne University Dr. Jennifer Grafton to discuss about Agreement
  • Attended MSP Alumni Association's Year End party
December 14 (Fri)
  • Consultation with Korea University Secretary General
  • Meeting with KUBS Management faculties 
December 15 (Sat)
  • Breifing session for 2019 early admitted students
  • Executive MBA Student's Year End Party 

December 17 (Mon)
  • KUBS Management Faculty Meeting
  • Attended Year End party of Executive MBA Alumni Association 
December 18 (Tue)
  • KUBS work appraisal board
  • Consultation with Vice president of KUBS Alumni Association
December 19 (Wed)
  • Participated in faculty meeting and Year End party
December 20 (Thu)
  • Hosted Certificate awarding ceremony of Halla Group K-HBS Ⅲ program
December 21 (Fri)
  • Consultation with Korea University Vice Secretary General
  • KUBS Management Faculty meeting
December 24 (Mon)
  • KUBS Management Faculty meeting
December 26 (Wed)
  • KUBS faculty consultation
  • Hosted Donation Ceremony for KUBS (Alumni Yoon-book Kim, Yang Young Foundation)
  • Special Lecture for Year End in KUBS Academy
December 27 (Thu)
  • Luncheon with president of KUBS Alumni Association Mong-won Jung
  • Year End party of KUBS faculties 
December 28 (Fri)
  • KUBS Management Faculty meeting
December 31 (Mon)
  • KUBS Faculty 'Communication Night' & year end ceremony