Dean’s Activities (September 1 – September 30)

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September 3 (Mon)
• KUBS Faculty Leadership meeting
• The 86th AMP Entrance Ceremony
September 4 (Tue)
• KUBS administrative staff meeting
• KUBS Area Chairs meeting
September 5 (Wed)
• The 1st Insung Research Award Ceremony
• Meeting with Academic Affairs Committee
• Attended judging committee meeting for the 27th Dasan Business Award by the Korea Economic Daily
September 6 (Thu)
• Conferment ceremony for tenured faculty appointment
September 10 (Mon)
• Meeting with administrative staffs regarding AACSB Asia Pacific Annual Conference speech preparation
• KUBS Faculty leadership meeting
September 10(Mon) – 13(Thu)
• Attended KUBS Futurum 2018: Asia Tri-lateral Seminar (Hitotsubashi University, Japan)

September 14 (Fri)
• Spring 2018 Dean’s List Luncheon
• Interview with KUBS administrative staff applicants
September 17 (Mon)
• KUBS Faculty Leadership meeting
September 18 (Tue)
• KUBS Area Chairs meeting
September 19 (Wed)
• Attended for congratulatory speech at the 218th MSP’s KUBS Academy
• KUBS faculty meeting
• Attended meeting and banquet for Academic Affairs Committee at Sejong Campus  
September 20 (Thu)
• Spring 2018 Dean’s List Luncheon

September 21 (Fri)
• Banquet with emeritus professors
September 27 (Thu)
• Luncheon with Global MIM & CEMS exchange students
September 28 (Fri)
• Luncheon with KUBS administrative staffs
• Banquet with Deans at Humanities and Social Sciences Campus
• Meeting with Deans at School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, College of Political Science and Economics, and College of Education