KUBS Hosts “KUBS Futurum – Asia Tri-lateral” Seminar
Jul 26, 2017
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KUBS Hosts “KUBS Futurum – Asia Tri-lateral” Seminar
On August 17 (Thu), Korea University Business School (KUBS) will host the Asia Tri-lateral Seminar. The Asia Tri-lateral Seminar, the second session of the “KUBS Futurum,” is an academic seminar held annually in August. The session is jointly run by Peking University Shenzhen in China and Hitotsubashi University in Japan. This year’s first-ever seminar will be hosted by KUBS.
The theme of the seminar is “Corporate Strategies in China, Japan, and Korea in the New Normal Era.” As the world is entering a fourth industrial revolution while slipping into a period of sustained low economic growth and uncertainty, the participating universities will gather to analyze how companies in the three countries are overcoming barriers.
The seminar is meaningful in that China and Japan, which are deeply tied to Korea economically, share strategies for a future society. Specifically, the ultimate goal is to deliberate upcoming issues that may impact the world economy and companies and to offer insights from the point-of-view of business scholars from Korea, China, and Japan.
“The world is mired in a low-growth slump, and it is difficult to predict how our future society will evolve due to the interest rate increase, currency fluctuations, and rapid development in ICT,” said KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon who will be hosting the seminar. “The seminar will be jointly steered by the best universities in Korea, China, and Japan along with distinguished scholars across the world. Your interest and participation are greatly appreciated.”
In the meantime, the KUBS Futurum, which means future in Latin and is a compound word made up of “Future” and “Forum,” consists of △Lecture Series, △Asia Tri-lateral Seminar, and △Business and Economic Outlook.