KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 53rd CPA Examination
Aug 31, 2018
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KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 53rd CPA Examination

KUBS is proud to announce that Korea University students best performed on the final outcome of 2018 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination (53rd). It is the top result for the 7th consecutive years, demonstrating that Korea University offering the best education program for CPA applicants.

An analysis report by The Law Journal showed that among shortlisted applicants who passed the final round of the CPA exam, 114 were Korea University students. It is the highest pass rate among universities in South Korea for the 7th consecutive years. The second place went to Yonsei University (86), and the third went to Sungkyunkwan University (72) which was the second place winner last year. Chung-Ang University and Seoul National University had 68 and 65 shortlisted applicants respectively.
Since 2016, in particular, Korea University has been recognized its strength in CPA exam preparation. The University demonstrates an outstanding performance on the CPA exam with a huge gap from the second place winner. Korea University’s unique program made it possible to support students’ performance on the CPA exam. In fact, KUBS’s CPA prep program ‘Jeongjincho (精進礎, Advisor=Professor Han Sang Yi)’ offers lectures on accounting, and social events with alumni who are current CPAs.
Financial Supervisory Service and Financial Services Commission reported that the total number of shortlisted CPA applicants this year is 904.  

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