Korea University Ranked 'Top' for the 6th Consecutive Years by the Korea Economic Daily Business 2018 MBA Ranking
Apr 30, 2018
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Korea University Ranked Top for the 6th Consecutive Years
by the Korea Economic Daily Business 2018 MBA Ranking
Korea University Business School (Dean=Soo Young Kwon) has recorded the highest MBA rank in the country, far outstripping other universities in Korea. This achievement reaffirms KUBS’s position as the best institute for MBA programs.
<The Korea Economic Daily Business> releases annual report of ‘2018 MBA Ranking in South Korea’ based on survey by human resources managers at 300 best organizations. On the report, Korea University’s MBA ranked the top for 6 straight years. Since its first report released in 2013, MBA at KUBS continued its No.1 ranking, standing on the very top of the list.

This year, <The Korea Economic Daily Business> added KAIST to the list of a total of 14 universities offering accredited MBA programs. Their performance was assessed by human resources managers from major companies in South Korea. The survey was conducted on employer’s preference potentiality ability to work as a team ability to work in global business professionalism willingness to recommend.
In particular, the Business School’s MBA placed top on potentiality ability to work as a team, achieved the highest rank with a total mark of 4600. KUBS demonstrated outstanding result in the ability to work as a team, with a large gap of 150 points between the second.

(Picture by the Korea Economic Daily Business)
The Korea Economic Daily Business wrote, “As a member of CEMS, a global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs, Korea University’s MBA program offers remarkable curriculum. Its unique practice-based curriculum made it possible to achieve the remarkable outcome, No. 1 MBA in South Korea".

Dean Soo Young Kwon added, “Our superior students from diverse specialties learn to work as a team, which produces collective intelligence that increases the School’s potentialities. The Business School is receptive to new ideas and changes; we will maintain our position as Korea’s No. 1 MBA.”