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ATTN 2019 Spring Semester Graduate School Notices on Examination of Degree Dissertations
2019 Spring Semester Graduate School Notices on Examination of Degree Dissertations     A. Important Dates and Related Notices    - Apply for examination of degree dissertations online and submit the required documents to the         administration office of the corresponding department within the document submission period - Degree candidates must apply online to receive notifications regarding degree dissertation tuition and examination fees   1) Eligibility Requirements to Submit Dissertation for Examination Classification Master’s Doctoral Integrated Master’s-Doctoral Requirement for Completion Major Courses: 24 credits Research Courses: 8 credits Advisor Designated Courses Major Courses: 36 credits Research Courses: 8 credits Advisor Designated Courses Major Courses: 54 credits Research Courses: 16 (12) credits Advisor Designated Courses Those expecting to earn the above are also eligible.( within the current semester) Requirement for Dissertation Submission Fulfillment of the requirements for and passing of the Foreign Language and Comprehensive Examinations Completion of the Human Rights & Gender Equality course (applicable to those who enrolled from the spring 2017 semester onward)   One copy of Certificate of Publication (or acceptance letter) from SCI-level renowned international journals or Korea Citation Index (KCI) Korean journals (KCI candidate journals are accepted for non-science & engineering fields): applicable to those who enrolled from September 2009 onward Satisfaction of department bylaws Deadline for Dissertation Submission Within 6 years from the year of admission Within 10 years from the year of admission Within 12 years from the year of admission   ※ Registration for the Human Rights & Gender Equality course:  Step 1. Proceed through Blackboard > Course Search > Statutory Duty > (Graduate Students)  Course ID > Register Step 2. Take the Human Rights & Gender Equality course Contact: Blackboard System E-learning Support Team 02-3290-1585 should you experience difficulties    2) Online Application Period for Examination of Degree Dissertations :  April 15 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Thu.) 4:00 PM  3) Application Method: Portal Login > Registration and Graduation > Evaluation for Thesis >   Evaluation of Thesis (Masters and Doctoral) 4) Degree Dissertation Tuition Payment Period: May 1 (Wed.) – May 2 (Thur.) 16:00  1 Pay an additional 7% or 5% (applicable to those who have pre-paid 2%  during the regular registration period) of the tuition fee   2 Only those who have completed the online application for dissertation examination  should pay the degree dissertation completion tuition fee.     3 Additional registration is not necessary for those enrolled in the regular semester  (additional registration is required for those who have completed the program). 5) Examination Fees Period: May 1 (Wed.) – May 2 (Thur.) 16:00   6) Examination Fees 1 After applying, print out your bill and pay the examination fee at KEB Hana Bank         during the payment period. 2 Printing the bill (remember to check the payment account): Proceed through Portal >  School Register/Graduation > Apply for the Dissertation Examination > Print out the examination fee bill If the error message “not valid candidate” appears after clicking Apply for the Degree  Dissertation Examination, close all Internet browsers and re-log in. 3 Departments of the College of Medicine and at Sejong campus must pay through the designated       account instead of the virtual account number, and the name of the depositor should be the name       of the student followed by the last three digits of their student number.  College Bank Account Number College of Medicine KEB Hana Bank 576-910003-93105 Sejong Campus KEB Hana Bank 670-910018-45805 B. Submission Documents    1) Submission Period:  April 15 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Thu.) 4:00 PM     2) Submission Documents: Submit the dissertation and following documents  to the administration office of the corresponding department .  ①    Recommendation from an examination committee member and    the list of examination committee members must be written by the academic advisor. ②   Confirmation from the person in charge of the dissertation examination request  form must be verified at the administration office of the corresponding department. ③   One copy of the dissertation for examination needs to be delivered directly to the academic advisor.  The remaining copies will be delivered to the committee members   by the administration office of the corresponding department. ④   The request form for dissertation examination printed from the portal and all the attached   documents must be submitted to the administration office of the corresponding department.  ⑤   After receiving the application form and supporting documents from the applicant,   the department administration office delivers the dissertation and screening guideline   to the chair and members of the examination committee.   Category Master’s Program Doctoral Program Notes Dissertation for Examination 1. One copy for academic advisor 2. Two copies for the administration office of the corresponding department 1. One copy for academic advisor 2. Four copies for the administration office of the corresponding department Temporarily-bound dissertation Documents for Examination of Degree Dissertations Request for Dissertation Examination and Approval for Submission of Dissertation Print out after applying online     Request for Dissertation Examination   Print out after applying online   Approval for Submission of Dissertation   1. Recommendation from academic advisor 2. Signature and seal from academic advisor, a professor from the same department, and the head of the department Separate form Recommendation from the Dissertation Examination Committee 1. Recommendation from academic advisor 2. Signature and seal from academic advisor and the head of the department Separate form Point of Contact of the external member of the dissertation examination committee Accurately record the personal information, name of bank (account number), and other pertinent information Related to examination fee payment Examination Results The Chair and members of the Dissertation Examination Committee shall directly enter the result on the Dissertation Examination page. * Refer to the Manual for Entering Dissertation Examination Results for more details. Amended Fall 2018 Supplements   A certificate of publication (a copy) or Acceptance letter of publication from one of the journals listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI) or in publications of the National Research Foundation of Korea as well as expanded publications (excluding science majors) (applicable to students admitted beginning fall semester, 2009)   Confirmation of Compliance with Research Ethics for Degree Dissertation (Prescribed Form) Examination Fee General 150,000 KRW 500,000 KRW Payment through virtual account (with the exceptions of the College of Medicine and Sejong Campus) Academy-Research-Industry 200,000 KRW 600,000 KRW   C. Entering Dissertation Examination Results & Evaluation Summary: by June 14 (Fri.)     After completing the final dissertation evaluation, the chair and members of the Dissertation Examination     Committee enter the result and evaluation summary on the Dissertation Examination page.    * Refer to the Manual for Entering Dissertation Examination Results for more details.   D. (Library Homepage) Online Uploading of the Dissertation: June 24 (Mon.) ~ July 5 (Fri.)         On the library homepage (, go to User Service > Submit Thesis > >User Service > Submit Thesis.    E. Submission of Complete Bound Copies of the Dissertation to the Library and Submission of      a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete bound version of the dissertation and      Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check to the administration office of the corresponding    department: July 4 (Thu.) ~ July 5 (Fri.)   F. Important Notices     1) Writing Guide for the Complete Bound Version of the Dissertation:      Refer to Chapter 4 Section 2, Examination of Degree Dissertations,       in the Constitution of the Graduate School – Detailed Enforcement     Regulations for the Graduate School(Bound dissertations should be 4 x 6).    2) A submitted request form for a dissertation examination and examination fees are not returnable.  3) Change of Dissertation Title ①   The title of finalized dissertations must be identical to the dissertation title listed     on the dissertation examination application form (Title change is not possible after the final screening) ②   Revising dissertation titles: Proceed to Portal > School Register/Graduation >     Dissertation Examination > Apply for the Dissertation Examination > Dissertation Title Change   4) Submission of the Complete Bound Version of the Dissertation:    ① Upload the dissertation on the library homepage (      under User Service > Submit Thesis, print out the confirmation sheet and      get it stamped after submitting the complete bound version of the dissertation to the designated library. ② Submit the confirmation sheet, a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete     bound version of the dissertation and Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check      to the administration office of the corresponding department. 5) Observance of the Submission Dates:     Examination documents and complete bound versions of dissertations submitted      after the submission dates shall not be registered, and such dissertations shall be marked fail     if a dissertation submission confirmation sheet of dissertation submission and     a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete bound version of the dissertation      and Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check have not been submitted by Friday, July 5.                                       Aprill. 19                      Dean of the Graduate School  
Apr 18, 2019
# 4860
[모집연장] BK21 플러스 신진연구인력 초빙 공고(~2019.03.31.)
고려대학교 대학원 경영학과 BK21 플러스 '글로벌 경쟁력을 갖춘 경영학 연구의 Asia Hub' 사업단에서는 신진연구인력을 다음과 같이 초빙합니다. 많은 관심과 지원 바랍니다.   1. 모집인원 계약교수 또는 박사후과정생 O명   2. 지원자격 (1) 경영학 관련 전공 박사학위 소지자 - 계약교수 : 박사학위 취득 후 산업체, 교육 또는 연구경력 1년 이상인 자 - 박사후과정생 : 박사학위 취득자 (2) 연구실적이 뛰어난 자 (3) 경영대학 교육, 연구, 인증 및 BK관련 업무에 전념할 수 있는 자 - 영어 강의 가능자 우대 ※ 학기당 교내 6학점 이내의 강의를 할 수 있으며, 채용기간 중 본교 인사규정 및 (BK)사업지침에 따라 다른 기관의 직을 겸임할 수 없습니다.   3. 처우 (1) 급여 : 연봉 3,000만원(퇴직금 및 4대보험 개인부담금 포함) (2) 계약기간 : 1년 단위 계약(추후 연구실적에 따라 재계약 여부 결정) (3) 논문게재료 및 국제학술대회 논문 발표 연구비 지급 (4) 연구실 제공   4. 제출서류 (1) 이력서 및 연구실적목록(향후 게재 예정 논문 포함) 각 1부 (2) 박사 학위 증명서 1부 (3) 성적증명서(대학 및 대학원) 각 1부 (4) 추천서 1부 (5) 연구계획서 1부 (6) 경력증명서(해당자에 한함) 1부   5. 접수관련 (1) 접수기간 : 2019년 3월 31일 (일) 18시까지 (2) 접수방법 : E-mail 접수( )   6. 면접 및 임용 예정 : 서류전형 합격자에 한하여 개별 통보함   7. 문의처 : 경영대학 BK사업단 02)3290-5361 /  
Mar 19, 2019
# 4801
ATTN [MS/PhD] Guidelines for Enrollment Status Changes, Spring 2019
Guidelines for Changes to Spring 2019 Academic Registration Status    ※ The followings can be changed online: Leave of Absence, Return to School, Change of Academic Advisor, Withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program, Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program *Period: February 1, 2019 (Fri) – February 26, 2019 (Tue); 4:00 p.m.   Leave of Absence and Return to School    First year students CANNOT apply for leave of absence in their first semester (Students are entitled to pregnancy∙maternity leave and military services.) 1. How to Apply: →  Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Leave of Absence/Return (Graduate School)   A. General Provision Up to 2 years for master’s degree students, 3 years for Ph.D (MS/PhD Integrated). Application can be extended every 6 months or every year. In case a student is seeking extension after the duration has expired, re-application is required. Student must return to school on a semester when seeking a request for a thesis examination. B. Pregnancy Leave of Absence Attach ‘Birth Certificate’ or ‘Medical Certificate’ upon application. Up to 1-year duration applied for a delivery, and student may not request a thesis examination during the period of leave. C. Maternity Leave of Absence Attach ‘Proof of Family Relations’ or ‘Certificate of Alien Registration’ upon application. Up to 1-year duration applied for a child aged under 8, and student may not request a thesis examination during the period of leave.   2. Required Documents A. Pregnancy Leave of Absence: ‘Birth Certificate’ or ‘Medical Certificate’ B. Maternity Leave of Absence: ‘Proof of Family Relations’ or ‘Certificate of Alien Registration’   Voluntary Drop-out and Readmission Submit the Drop-out/Readmission Application (online application not accepted) Receive approval (seal) from your academic advisor and the Associate Dean, then submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration.   Change of Academic Advisor for Continuing Students → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Petition for Change of Advisor Advisor Application for Commencing Students     Application Period: March 4 (Mon) - March 8 (Fri) → Registration & Graduation → University Registration→ Application for Advisor  Applications for Integrated MS/PhD Program     1. Withdrawal from Integrated MS/PhD Program A. Period: February 1 (Fri) - February 26 (Tue) (same as the change of academic registration period) B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application to Withdraw - Eligibility: Students who wish to withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program and transfer to the MS program. (Note: Student will be transferred to MS degree, however, that does not mean student automatically becomes eligible for degree completion even though he/she has met the degree requirements. MS candidate will undergo a selection process at the end of semester once final results are released.) (e.g. Students who withdraw from their Integrated MS/PhD Program on February 1, 2018 are not eligible for degree completion on February 24, 2018. Students withdrawing from the program on Spring semester will be entitled to complete the degree on August 25, 2018 if they have met the degree requirements.) 2. Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program A. Period: March 4 (Mon) – March 22 (Fri) <you must be a registered for the corresponding semester to apply for accelerated study of your integrated MS/PhD program> B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Course of Study Acceleration C. Semester: A range of shortening will be two semesters (one year) or one semester - Shortening of Two Semesters: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 6th semester - Shortening of One Semester: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 7th semester ※ Students may graduate early only if their cumulative GPA is 4.00 or above by their 6th or 7th semester.        Tuition Payment      1) Regular Payment Period: February 21, 2019 (Thu) 09:00 – February 27, 2019 (Wed); 16:00 [ → Scholarship Application → Register → Print Tuition Payment Stub] - Print out your bill as above and pay the tuition to the designated bank. 2) Final Payment Period: March 13, 2018 (Wed) 09:00 – March 15 (Fri); 16:00      Application for Masters degree for 'Integrated MS/PhD Program'   1) Application period : February 1 (Fri)  ~26 (Tue) During the period, one should visit 'Administration Office' with fully filled in '석사학위취득신청원 (Application form for Master's degree)' -- Successful applicants will be shortly noticed individually. -- After the application and acceptance, one should fulfill '일반대학원 시행세칙 및 학과내규로 정하는 석사학위 취득요건 (Prior requirements for the degree base on the school policy)' to receive the masters degree   Course Registration for Prospective Returning Student 1) Period: February 19 (Tue) – February 21 (Thu)  2) How to Apply: log in and then apply - Prospective returning students of Spring 2018 are eligible to register for courses during the course registration period regardless of their status of academic registration or payment (however, if students fail to complete the returning process by February 26, 2018, their registration details will be automatically deleted).                                                           2019. 1.                                                Dean of Graduate School  
Jan 29, 2019
# 4725
ATTN [MS/PhD] Guidelines for the Grant of Master Degree for Completed Integrated MS/PhD program
Guidelines for the Grant of Master Degree for Completed Integrated MS/PhD program        1. Outline of the grant of Master degree for students with completed status in the Integrated MS/PhD program     Classification Content Program Integrated MS/PhD program Degree granted Master’s Degree Certificates Issued Master’s Degree/ Certificate of completion of Integrated MS/PhD program Remarks It becomes impossible to acquire the applicable PhD degree after the grant of the application    2. Target : Students among the completed Integrated MS/PhD students who have also satisfied the requirements for a Master degree according to the“Detailed Enforcement Regulations of the Graduate School.    3. Period of Enforcement 1) Period: From fall semester of 2018 2) Period of application: Sep 17, 2018 (Mon) ~ October 12, 2018 (Fri)  3) Notice of successful applicants: October 23, 2018 (Tue). Individual notice    4. Method of Application : Fill the “Petition for grant of Master Degree” (Attached file) and submit it to your affiliated office  [Room 304, Floor 3, KUBS Main Building]    5. Take Notice 1) It is impossible for completed Integrated MS/PhD students after the grant of the MS degree to graduate from the applicable PhD degree.  2) Only students who have not exceeded 12 years since the start of the Integrated MS-PhD program can apply.  3) For completed research students, they can petition for the MS degree after a special admission process. 4) Students should satisfy the internal requirements for the Master's degree in his/her department.  5) Applicants for the comprehensive exam of 2018 fall semester can also apply.        Graduate School Office ​
Sep 11, 2018
# 4539
ATTN [MS/PhD] Comprehensive Exam, Fall 2018
Graduate School of Business Comprehensive Exam, Fall 2018     1. Types of Exam (Comprehensive Exam Substitute/Exemption has been abolished)  A. Written Exam - MS: written exams for a minimum of three major courses - MS/PhD Integrated Program: written exams for a minimum of four major courses   B. Oral Exam - Exam content will be determined by the relevant department - major and dissertation will be taken into consideration ※ Please see the Academic Regulations by the department or refer to the Area Chair for further inquiries on the oral exam. 2. Eligibility A. MS: candidates who earned a minimum of 18 credit points with GPA of 3.0 or higher B. PhD: candidates who earned a minimum of 27 credit points with GPA of 3.0 or higher C. MS/PhD Integrated Program: candidates who earned a minimum of 45 credit points with GPA of 3.0 or higher ※ Applicable for credit points achieved from major courses only. (exclusive of credits earned from research guidance, prerequisite or designated courses by academic advisors)  ※ Eligible candidates may take the comprehensive exam regardless of language test result, or enrollment status (candidates who are on a leave of absence can also take the comprehensive exam). ※ Note: Depending on the department, candidates who have not completed a designated course by academic advisor or pre-requisite may be restricted to take the exam. Please refer to the relevant department for the designated course/pre-requisite prior to the exam attendance.   3. Application Form Issue and Submission A. Application Period: September 5 (Wed) - September 7 (Fri) B. Location: Online application or hard copy submission to the relevant department office [Room 304, Floor 3, KUBS Main Building] C. How to apply - Online: KUPID > Registration & Graduation > Application/Verification for Exams > Application for Comprehensive Exam - By visit: submit a hard copy of ‘Comprehensive Exam Application Form’ C. Students concerned shall fill out the application form for comprehensive exam(written/oral) and submit it.  ※ Please ensure to double check your application status after the online submission. ※ Please double check if the exam courses you applied for are correct. ※ Application form: Make sure to fill in all the details on the form. Signatures are required from the academic advisor and the Area Chair. ** Students from the Department of Business Administration and the Department of International Business must apply online for the written exam via KUPID. (Even if the Academic Regulations by the department/major ask you to take an oral exam instead, you must indicate the course you are taking the exam on when applying for the exam via KUPID.) ** Candidates are required to submit an additional ‘Application Form for Comprehensive Exam’, followed by the revised Academic Regulations and the need for further confirmation. ** If you are applying for more than 5 courses, please select 'other items' and indicate the course you are applying for. 4. Exam Information A. Period: between September 17 (Mon) – September 28 (Fri)  B. Location: to be informed by the department office. * Please refer to the department office for an exact schedule of when/where the exam takes place. (The schedule is subject to change by the departments) ** Comprehensive exam for Department of Business Administration, Department of International Business will be held on September 29 (Sat) 09:00~ at Hyundai Motor Hall Room 303 and 209, respectively. ** From Fall 2018, some of the majors will set lunch break. The course timetable will be released as soon as it is scheduled.    5. Examination Outcome A. October 22 (Mon) 14:00 (tentative) B. To be released by departments and uploaded on KUPID                   August 2018   Dean of Graduate School of Business
Aug 28, 2018
# 4497