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K-MBA President Hyun-sik Chung, Contributes 1 Billion Won to ‘Chung Hyun-sik Scholarship Fund’

2020.10.30 Views 16989 관리자

김재욱 경영대학장, 유원상 부원장, 김배호 연구부원장이 정현식 교우와 함께 서 있다.

(From Left) Professor Baeho Kim, President Hyun-sik Chung, KUBS Dean Jaewook Kim, MBA Vice President Won-sang Yoo


Hyun-sik Chung, the 36th president of Korea University MBA(K-MBA), contributed 1 billion won to KUBS. President Chung is a founder of well-known burger franchise ‘Mom’s Touch’ and its parental firm Haemaro Food Service. President Chung graduated the 76th K-MBA.


Introducing his experience of taking Dean Jaewook Kim’s lecture and being amazed with it, which made him decide to register into K-MBA course, President Chung mentioned that he would like to support KUBS students who need financial backup or who succeeded with high level of academic achievements. Dean Jaewook Kim replied, “I appreciate President Chung for his love to KUBS and our students. The new scholarship fund would help many students discovering their new dreams and future.”


The new “Chung Hyun-sik Scholarship Fund” will be dedicated in investing into the field of Digital Transformation in Business, where KUBS students are striving to make progresses in Digtalization of Business.