LG Electronics - Foreign Student Internship in 2017 
1. Overview
LGE is to recruit foreign students who study in universities in Korea as interns for key functions in HQ(Quality, Planning, Sales/Marketing, Engineering, SCM, Quality). At the completion of the internship, those who are deemed qualified will recieve an offer as a Contract Employee (1 Year) at LGE. 
2. Schedule
  1. Application: Octorber 26 (Thu) - November 6 (Mon) 2017 
  2. Resume Screening and First Interview: by November
  3. ​Internship: 7 weeks ('18. 1. 8 ~ ' 18. 2. 23) *Internship period can be changed in accordance with company requirements. 
  4. Final interview: upon the completion of internship 
  5. Join as a Contract Employee: As the earliest convenience of individual interns (once the internship ends), depending on internship result. 
3. Recruitmnet Fields and Major

- Planning, Saels/Marketing, Engineering, SCM, Quality
- No specific major required
4. Qualification 

- Foreign students who are currently at or recently graduated from Korean universities.
- Preference: those who will graduate in February 2018 and who are fluent in Korean
Where to apply

- Application is only avilable on-line, at (LG Group Recruitment Page). 
  ※ → '[LG Electronics] Foreign Student Internship in 2017 (LG전자 2017년 한국유학생 인턴채용)' 

- Application Form must be written in English.


Please refer to the document which is attached for the details.