[Career Hub] The 5th IFRA Finance Field Trip to Hong Kong

2018.05.28 Views 2041 경영대학

Korea University Investment and Finance Research Association (IFRA) will be holding the 5th IFRA Finance Field Trip to Hong Kong. The field trip is designed for participants’ deeper understanding of careers in finance. It will also be a great chance for expanding the professional networks. IFRA is currently working on finalizing lists of companies to visit during the trip. Participants will be able to attend a range of social events with KUBS alumni as well. Please find below for more details.
1. Eligibility
- Any Korea University students who are interested in a career in finance
- Exclusive of the appointed 10 IFRA members
2. Application Deadline: May 24 (Thu) – June 7 (Thu) 2018, 00:00 AM
3. Duration of Trip: June 26 (Tue) – June 30 (Sat), 2018
4. Details of Field Trip
 - Careers in Finance, Q&A session
 - Social events with KUBS alumni and professionals
 - Ideas and thoughts on 
the financial market and products
5. Cost: approx. 600,000 KRW (indicative only)
6. Application: Please email your [department/student no./name/contact detail] to 
- Please note that you may be asked to attend additional selection process to assess your level of interest.
7. Inquiries: IFRA 21st President Young-Wook Kim ( )
(Please note that the list of companies on the attached brochure is subject to change.)