Employment type 
Full-Time Experienced
Recruitment type 
Year-round recruitment
Recruitment expiration date 
Apr 25, 2019
Recruitment expiration status 
In Process
Third Bridge
Job Function 
Research Analyst
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리서치 애널리스트 

 Japan Client 담당 리서치 업무

학력: 대졸이상
경력: 경력2년↑



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근무형태 : 정규직(수습:6개월)

근무지 : 중국·홍콩 > 상해

근무요일 : 주5일

근무시간 : 09시 00분 ~ 18시 00분

급여 : 면접 후 결정


서류전형 > 1차면접 > 2차면접 > 임원면접 > 최종합격

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이력서(영문) 제출

Analyst – Japanese Speaking 
We are delighted to announce that we are one of companies to make the 2018‘Best Companies to Work for in Greater China’ list.   

Third Bridge provides private equity firms, hedge funds and strategy consultants with the information that they need to understand the value of their investment opportunities. 

Our vision for delivering deep insight and unbiased market intelligence has evolved into a business with a range of complementary services, six offices across three continents and a global client base. 

Whether it is facilitating a private conversation with an industry veteran, moderating a dialogue between experts and investors, or extracting insights from within the supply chain of a poorly documented industry, we are on our clients side, helping them to make informed investment decisions. 

Specific Duties include but are not limited to the following:  
To deliver deep insight for client to connect with intelligence   
To analyze the industry and value chain for better market opportunity  
To use internal and external tools to source Industry specialists and recruit them to our specialist network  
To identify new sources of specialists wherever possible   
To facilitate consultations; scheduling calls between our clients and specialists, arranging for interpreters, assisting specialists complete pre-consultation processes  
To work within a team and a Operation team in Shanghai to ensure projects are completed successfully and within the required timescales  
To generate effective work plans for projects and execute appropriately  
To carry out post -consultation and post -project calls to gather feedback  
To build relationships with clients and deliver consistently good service 

To be successful in this role you should have a proven track record of:   
Fluent in English, native Japanese is preferred / Native Korean who can speak Japanese fluently
Bachelor degree or above  
Related experience in the marketing research is preferred  
Good understanding of equity, fund and financial industry is preferred  
Strong general business understanding and common sense  
IT literate and familiar with Microsoft Office  
Outstanding social and networking skills  
Willing to work in a busy environment which is, at times, high pressure  
Flexible, motivated and willing to ‘go the extra mile’  
Resourceful and creative