Korean economy has been transformed to information economy gradually. According to GNP study conducted by our team, primary information sector which produces information goods and services as a final product explains 46.1% of year 2000 GNP.  The proportion of information economy used to be 40.4% in 1990.  In spite of the importance of information economy, research on the business and information technologies has been limited.

The Business and Information Technologies (BIT) project was initiated by the Center for Management of the Information Economy (CMIE) of UCLA in 2003. This project is to understand the impact of new information and communication technologies (ICT) on business practices over an extended time horizon. The BIT project consists of three parts: first, annual survey of firms to collect data on how firms are using new technologies, and how firms, industries and economies are changing as a consequence; second, tracking the evolution of economies through analysis of national accounting data and GNP figures; third, in-depth study of industry segments.

The Center for Logistics, Service & Operations Management at Korea University has taken part in the project since 2004.




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